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We are an NYC Architecture Firm owned by Architect Jorge Fontan AIA. Our firm works on a variety of project types. Some of the things we do are new construction of single family homes, commercial and apartment buildings. We also work on renovations of townhouse’s, offices, apartment interiors, and restaurants. Please check out our Architecture Projects Portfolio to see some of our current and past work. We enjoy keeping a wide variety of project types and sizes. There is no challenge too great. If you would like to read more about our company please take a look at our About Us Page. Feel free to get in touch and share any questions or comments with us. We are New York Architects located in Manhattan. Here is a link if you want to Contact An Architect.  We wish you the best of luck with your upcoming project.

Architects NYC, working on residential & commercial projects.

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At Fontan Architecture we strive to create spaces that can inspire. We work on promoting a sustainable balance with the environment for the future. We make architecture to enhance the occupant’s experience and well being. We believe architects should create spaces that complement their sites, and fulfill their purpose. Our goal is to maintain a dedication to environmental, social, and community concerns. Architects not only study building construction, but also how we use space. The user experience is of equal importance to the technological systems of construction. We aim to build lasting sustainable and enjoyable spaces. At Fontan Architecture we consider ourselves lucky to be part of building our environments.



Our clients are important to us and the work we do is as well. We communicate with clients to achieve a final product they can be happy with and enjoy for a long time. We work hard to ensure the completed space is one the client and we, the architects, can be proud of. Designing a new building or a small apartment renovation we always give personal attention. We love what we do and it is a great privilege to create architecture. We do everything we can to ensure our appreciation for our work comes through in every aspect of what we design. We hope to continue to achieve new goals and work on new challenges. As a small architecture firm in NYC we provide personal and professional service to all your project needs. Our New York Architects have experience in a wide range of project / building types. As NYC architects we are proud to be working an the greatest city on Earth and are confident we are prepared to work on any project anywhere.

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NYC Architect working on projects of any size anywhere. We are always looking for a new challenge. Please contact us about your upcoming project and see if we can help. Local clients or from any location we are happy to hear about your upcoming project.

New York Architects NYC

Fontan Architecture is a full service architecture firm in NYC. We work on a wide variety of projects types and sizes.


We work on new buildings and new homes from planning to construction. We are with you every step of the way.
Sustainable design is a guiding principle in everything we do. Build to achieve balance with the natural environment.
A zoning analysis is the process of determining what you can legally build. Discover the potential for developing your property.


To find educational and informative articles please see our Architecture Blog. We are sharing our experiences in the architecture profession. See articles from project case studies to recommendations and tips. These articles can be helpful educational resources for you. We base the topics of these posts on questions we get from our visitors. Topics cover zoning codes, building codes, best practices, project case studies, and much more.  Please feel free to send us questions and suggestions you have for future posts. This is an ongoing process so please come back and see new articles and videos. We have several topics just for New York City written by New York Architects but we also have plenty of general topics as well.


For information on the profession of architecture please see the American Institute Of Architects. also check out their New York City local chapter at AIA NY if you are looking for New York Architects. Their websites can be a good place to start research on our profession before hiring an Architect.


To see more of our work please take a look at our Architecture Portfolio


Owned by NY architect Jorge Fontan AIA

Licensed Architects and Insured

Architecture Firm NYC Based and Experienced – We are very familiar with the ins and outs of the New York City Department of Buildings and the intricacies of NYC zoning and building codes. We are registered with the NYC DOB and the NYC Development HUB. Residential and commercial architects.


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Our Architecture Firm is located in NYC, so most of our work is in New York City, but we also do work outside of NYC. We are happy to help you with your project wherever it may be located.


At our firm we believe in sustainable design. Architects should do everything we can to make Architecture in balance with the environment. We encourage our clients to incorporate sustainable features into every project. From a residential development to a small apartment renovation our work should be sustainable. There can always be something done to reduce a building’s impact on the environment. There are many ways to make sustainable architecture: solar power, high quality insulation, energy efficiency and sustainable materials to name a few. These are just a few ways to make a building more sustainable. The most important aspect of sustainable architecture is creating something people will love. Take care of buildings so they last a long time. People taking care of buildings is the greatest form of sustainability. Our New York Architecture firm is dedicated to making the built environment a little more green. Check out this article we wrote on Sustainable Home Design.


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