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“Having a background in both architecture and construction provides me with a unique perspective on project delivery and the development of architecture”

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At Fontan Architecture, we strive to create architecture that can inspire and enhance the well being of its inhabitants and promote balance with its environment. We believe architects are charged with the responsibility of creating spaces that complement their sites, and thoroughly fulfill their purpose while upholding a dedication to environmental, social, and community concerns. Architects not only study the way buildings are built, but also how space is used. All aspects of the user experience are of equal importance to the technological systems of construction. We aim to build lasting, sustainable and enjoyable spaces. At Fontan Architecture, we consider ourselves lucky to be part of the process of building our environments.

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Jorge Fontan AIA is a registered architect in New York and member of the American Institute of Architects. Jorge received a Master Degree of Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Architecture from the City University Of New York. Additionally, he has studied at the Escola Tecnica Superior d’Arquitectura Del Valles in Barcelona, Spain. Jorge started working in construction as a teenager, and while doing construction work he realized he wanted to be an architect. “I am very grateful to have had the chance to actually build with my own hands for several years before becoming an architect.” This is an experience most modern day architects do not have but that was commonplace historically. Before starting Fontan Architecture, he worked for small and large architecture firms, as well as construction management firms on projects ranging from single family houses and interior renovations to large scale multifamily residential and commercial projects. “Having a background in both architecture and construction provides me with a unique perspective on project delivery and the development of architecture”. Jorge is a New York State Licensed Architect. Follow the link to read more about Architect Jorge Fontan.



Architecture is the “The Built Environment.” It’s when we make our environments, whether it’s a skyscraper, a house, a sidewalk, or a park bench; it’s all architecture.

Building our environment is about creating a place. It’s more than just making a building as an object. It’s about making spaces for people and making a place for people to use with ease. There’s a difference between building a house and building a home. That’s what architecture is really about. Architects study how people use space. We design spaces by making models, drawings, and 3D building information modeling through which we envision the potential of space to create an environment for use, for life, with purpose.

“The Built Environment” as it applies to architecture means that architects have to be experts in building. The word “architect” comes from the Greek word “master builder”. Architects need to be immersed in the details of materials, technologies, construction and techniques of building.

Our built environments exist within the natural environment. It’s more important today than ever that architects design and make our built environments to achieve balance with our natural environment. The places we create matter in how they are used, how they are built, and how they affect our planet.

I have always felt lucky to have the opportunity as an architect to be a part of building our environment.


Jorge Fontan AIA is a registered architect and member of the American Institute Of Architects. Please see our Architecture Firm profile on the AIA National Firm Directory.

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