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NYC City Agency Abbreviations

Guide to NYC Agency Unit Abbreviations

  New York City and State Agency Units Abbreviations: BIB: Build It Back BSA: Board of Standards and Appeals DCP: Department of City Planning DDC: Department of Design and Construction DEC: Department of Environmental Conservation DEP: Department of Environmental Protection DOB: Department Of Buildings DOF: Department Of Finance DOT:...


Building A House, 7 things to consider first

Building a house is a large undertaking. As an architect, when people contact me for the first time they always ask "what do we do first?" This article will be 7 first steps or considerations when you are planning to design and build a house....

R7a Zoning NYC

R7A Zoning NYC

In this article we will be looking at R7A Zoning in NYC. This from a zoning analysis we did for a client. The client was looking to purchase 2 adjacent lots in an R7A Zoning District in Brooklyn, NYC. They wanted to know what the...

Zoning Analysis NYC

Zoning Analysis

People often call us who own a property or are looking to buy a property and want to develop it. They don't know what they can build. They ask: What is the first step? How do we know what we can build? Our response is: Well, you need...


Same Day Plan Exam NYC

Clients are constantly telling me nightmare stories they have heard about how long it takes to get something approved by the NYC Department Of Buildings. In most cases I am going to take the DOB's side on this argument. Simple tiny jobs can get reviewed on...

NYC sliver law

NYC Sliver Law

The so called "Sliver Law" is a reference to a zoning code in New York City that aims to prevent very tall narrow buildings in certain zoning districts. Here is an example of a development that was prevented by the "sliver law". We looked into possibly...

R5 Zoning NYC

R5 Zoning in NYC

In this post we are going to be discussing R5 Zoning in NYC. The R in R5 stands for Residential. First we will look at some general info for this type of zoning. Then an analysis of an actual R5 property in the Bronx. The example...