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Deregulation Of Rent Stabilized Apartments NY

Deregulation Of Rent Stabilized Apartments

In New York a rent stabilized apartment can be deregulated if the owner performs improvements on the apartment that increase the value of the apartment over a certain limit during vacancy.   Deregulating Rent Stabilized Apartments Per New York State Housing & Community Renewal an apartment can be...

Passive House

Passive House Design

Passive House Design incorporates principles of efficiency to reduce energy needs for heating and cooling. The main focus is on insulation, air tight construction, high quality windows, energy recovery, and solar heat management. Passive House can be appliedĀ  to single family homes and large buildings.   Passive...

NYC Bathroom Renovation

Modern Bathroom Fixtures And Accessory Ideas

Whether you are adding a new bathroom or renovating an existing one, here are some ideas we have seen from bathrooms we have worked on.   Fixtures Fixture are critical when designing the layout of your bathroom because they can sometimes dictate the layout if you have limited...

NYC R9 Zoning District

R9 Zoning NYC

R9 Zoning is a residential zoning district in NYC that allows for one of the highest buildable floor areas of all residential zoning in NYC. There are different options for zoning regulations in R9 they are height factor / tower or Quality Housing Program.   R9 ZONINGĀ  This...

Medical Office Design

The design of healthcare facilities is a representation of the healthcare physician themselves. The design can leave a major impression on your clients, which is why they should be designed to fit the needs of the clients you have. Design can also enhance the business...