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Author Jorge Fontan AIA

This post was written by Jorge Fontan, a Registered Architect and owner of Fontan Architecture.

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C1-6A Zoning NYC

C1-6A Zoning is a Local Retail and Local Service Contextual Commercial Zoning District in NYC. In C1-6A you can build a variety of commercial building uses, community facilities, and residential buildings. C1-6A Zoning has a low commercial FAR of 2 but these buildings can often have...

NYC Zoning

NYC Zoning Basic Introduction

New York City Zoning is very complicated and confusing. The NYC Zoning Resolution is thousands of pages long and constantly being updated. There are many different zoning districts, terms, and formulas, you would need to understand to have a working knowledge of NYC Zoning. On our...

NYC Height Factor Zoning

Height Factor Zoning

Height Factor Zoning in NYC is a set of zoning regulations that promotes tall skinny buildings with s lot of open space on their zoning lots. Height Factor buildings can be built in non contextual R6 through R9 zoning districts. Height Factor Zoning is based...

NYC Zoning Deductions

NYC Zoning Deductions

NYC Zoning regulates how many square feet you can develop on a given property through a formula called Floor Area Ratio. Since the floor area that one can build is limited optimize your floor area as best you can. This means making an efficient building...

Zero Lot Line, Attached, Detached Semi-Detached Buildings

Detached Semi-detached Attached Buildings

NYC Zoning lists 4 building types for identifying the relationship of the building to other buildings and to the property line. They are detached, semi-detached, zero lot line, and attached buildings.   NYC Zoning Building Types Detached Buildings Semi-Detached Buildings Zero Lot Line Buildings Attached Buildings   Detached, Zero...

Building Setbacks

NYC Zoning Setback

Architecturally a building setback is a building face that is recessed from the rest of the building. In zoning a setback is the distance a building or portion of a building must be recessed from a property line or other designated point of reference. Setback...

Narrow Street Wide Street NYC Street width

Wide Street / Narrow Street NYC Zoning

NYC Zoning uses the tern "Wide Street" and "Narrow Street" these are precise terms that affect what zoning regulations are applicable on your property. A Wide Street is a street that is greater than or equal to  75 feet wide. A Narrow Street is a...