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Author Jorge Fontan AIA

This post was written by Jorge Fontan, a Registered Architect and owner of Fontan Architecture.

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Smart Thermostat for energy savings

Smart Thermostats for Energy Savings

Smart thermostats can reduce your home energy consumption by optimizing the heating and cooling programming for optimal efficiency. These devices learn patterns to find ways to increase comfort and reduce unnecessary usage.   Smart Thermostats One simple thing you can do to reduce your home energy usage is...

Brooklyn Townhouse Renovation

Brooklyn Townhouse Renovation in Bed Stuy

Brooklyn has many Townhouses and Brownstones. Renovating a Townhouse in NYC is a large undertaking. In this post, we will review one of our Brooklyn Townhouse Renovations.   Brooklyn Townhouse Renovation In this post, we will look at some issues you should consider when renovating a townhouse based...

Zoning Frequently Asked Questions

Zoning FAQ NYC

  Zoning FAQ NYC   The following are New York City  Zoning Frequently Asked Questions we receive in our New York Architecture Firm: Fontan Architecture. Residential Zoning FAQ Small Zoning Lots Q. Can I build multifamily on a small zoning lot? A. The NYC Zoning Resolution identifies minimum lot sizes for residential...

Harlem Townhouse Design NYC

Harlem Townhouse Design

Harlem Townhouse Design    The following is a design for a new townhouse in Harlem NYC. This was designed to be a modern take on the NYC Townhouse incorporating modern design, sustainability, and green space. Modern Townhouse Design Sustainable Design Green Space   Modern Townhouse Design The townhouse is a modern...

Special Natural Area District

Special Natural Area District

New York City has four Special Natural Area Districts. These Natural Areas are meant to protect wildlife, aquatic life, plant life and the natural beauty of the designated areas. Special Natural Area Districts in NYC There are four Special Natural Area Districts in NYC: NA-1 Emerson Hill,...

Megastructure Building Design

Megastructure Building Design

A megastructure in architecture is a large scale building or a series of interconnected buildings.   Megastructure Architecture   Megastructure Building Design This megastructure building concept is inspired by the Tower on a Base or Podium Tower building typology. This is a common mixed use building typology where the lower...

Kinetic Architecture

Kinetic Architecture Building Design

Kinetic Architecture means buildings or building components that move. These can be large scale operable elements or smaller scale components.   Kinetic Architecture   Kinetic Architecture Building Design Below is a video animation of a Kinetic Architecture Concept I designed.   [embedyt][/embedyt]   Kinetic Architecture Concept This building design is a conceptual project inspired...

New Townhouse Design

New Townhouse Designs NYC

Below are a few of our New Townhouse Designs for New York City.   New Townhouse Design    Manhattan Townhouse Brooklyn Townhouse   New Manhattan Townhouse This townhouse was meant to be a modern green townhouse design to maintain a contextual scale and feel. This townhouse has a green roof. The...