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NYC Zoning Variance

Zoning Variance NYC

A Zoning Variance is a special approval to develop a property in a manner that does not completely conform with the Zoning Regulations. Zoning Variances are typically issued when a property has a unique condition that causes a hardship on the owners ability to develop...

NYC Letter Of No Objection

Letter Of No Objection NYC

A Letter Of No Objection or LNO is a document used to verify the existing legal use of a property that does not have a certificate of occupancy defining its use. A Letter of No Objection is used in New York City for building built...

R6A Small Zoning Lot

Small Zoning Lots in NYC

Small Zoning Lots in NYC are residential zoning lots where the area of the lot is less then the minimum required by code or where the width of the property is less then that required by code. If a residential property is a small zoning...

Sustainable Building Design

21 Ideas For Sustainable Building Design

  Sustainable Building Design   Locate Near Transportation Promote Sustainable Transportation Physical and Mental Health Amenities Maximize Natural Light Appropriate Building Size Existing Buildings Rehabilitation Adaptive Reuse Renewable Energy Energy Recovery Energy Efficient Lighting Energy Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning Conserve Water Sustainable Materials Recycled Materials High...

R6A Zoning NYC

R6A Zoning NYC Residential

This post is going to be discussing the basics of R6A Zoning in New York City. R6A is a subdistrict of R6 Zoning, and is considered a contextual district.   R6A Zoning  R6A is a medium density residential zoning district. Similar to R6B Zoning, R6A is a contextual district....