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Contextual Zoning

Contextual Zoning Districts in NYC

Contextual Zoning is an attempt to make certain neighborhoods more uniform in their size and shape of their buildings. Below is a list to residential and commercial contextual zoning districts.   Contextual Zoning in NYC Contextual Zoning are certain zoning subdistricts that have additional requirements. The goal is...

Commercial Building Classifications

People in the real estate industry use building classifications to identify the quality of a building. Building classes are important to understand if you are in the market for commercial real estate as the prices will vary between different building classifications.   Building Classifications For Commercial Real Estate There...

R1 Zoning NYC R1-1,

R1 Zoning NYC, Single Family Zoning

R1 Zoning is a single family zoning district in New York City. You can only build single family residences in R1 zoning. Two family and multi family is not allowed. You can, as in all residential zoning districts, build community facilities as an option these...

Converting to multi family from 1 or 2 family

Converting To Multi Family NYC

Many people who own single family and two family homes are interested in converting them to multi family apartment buildings. Any building with three or more residential units is considered multi family. In this post we will explore some of the requirements for converting from...

Apartment Renovation Architect NYC

Apartment Architect Renovations NYC

Apartment Renovations in NYC require permits, quality design, love, and planning. You will need a competent team of experienced professionals including a construction contractor and an apartment architect. Renovating an apartment is a big deal. It requires planning and preparation. In this post I am...