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R8 Zoning NYC

R8 Zoning NYC

R8 Zoning in NYC is considered a "high density" residential zoning district. R8 Zoning is found commonly in the Manhattan and the Bronx as well in parts of Brooklyn. There are also commercial districts that have an equivalent Residential Zone of R8. This article will...

R7 Zoning

R7 Zoning NYC, R7-1 Zoning, & R7-2 Zoning

R7 is a medium density residential zoning district. R7 Zoning is found commonly in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. This article will focus on basic R7 Zoning districts including R7-1 Zoning & R7-2 Zoning. We will not be going into the contextual districts see...

Flood Proof House Design

Flood Proof House Ideas

Katrina, Sandy, and Harvey have all brought flood proofing and hurricane proofing to the forefront of many architects minds. I personally have been involved with designing and rebuilding homes destroyed by Sandy. Flood Proof and hurricane proof house design is becoming more and more important...

hotel zoning NYC commercial

Hotel Zoning in NYC

Hotels fall under commercial zoning in New York. You can build hotels in commercial zoning and some manufacturing zoning districts. Hotels are not permitted in residential zoning unless it has a commercial overlay that allows for hotels. Below is a list of hotel zoning districts...

Inclusionary housing NYC

Inclusionary Housing Program NYC

In New York City the Inclusionary Housing Program is a zoning incentive that offers higher allowable floor area to developers who provide a portion of their building with affordable units or low income housing. The goal is to incentivize developers to include some low income...

Building Addition NYC

Building Additions

Building additions are going on all over New York. Vertical enlargements are especially common in NYC. Here are some basic things to consider if you are looking to do a building addition.   Building Addition Zoning Development Rights (Air Rights) If you have an existing building and you want...

SRO Conversion

SRO Conversion

New York City has many SROs. Property owners are constantly looking to convert their SROs to standard multifamily residential apartments. In this article we will be reviewing some of the basics of SROs and the process for conversion.   SRO Conversion  SRO = Single Room Occupancy  What is an...

nyc agency logos

Guide to NYC Agency Unit Abbreviations

  New York City and State Agency Units Abbreviations: BIB: Build It Back BSA: Board of Standards and Appeals DCP: Department of City Planning DDC: Department of Design and Construction DEC: Department of Environmental Conservation DEP: Department of Environmental Protection DOB: Department Of Buildings DOF: Department Of Finance DOT:...