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Author Jorge Fontan AIA

This post was written by Jorge Fontan, a Registered Architect and owner of Fontan Architecture.

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Use Group 1 NYC Zoning

Use Group 1 NYC Zoning

The NYC Zoning Resolution has Use Groups to categorize buildings based on their use. Use Group 1 consists of Single Family Residential detached homes.   Use Group 1 NYC Zoning Residential Use Groups Use Group 1 Single family Detached Homes Use Group 2 All other Residences Certificate Of Occupancy...

Directive 14 NYC

Projects filed with the NYC DOB as Alteration type 2 or 3 can take advantage of Directive 14. Directive 14 allows the owner to have their own architect perform the final inspection. There are some limitations and project types where Dir 14 cannot be applied.   Directive...

Zone Green NYC

New York City is promoting energy efficiency and sustainability through new initiatives like Zone Green which provides zoning incentives for sustainable design features in buildings.   Zone Green NYC The New York City Department Of City Planning made amendments to the zoning code to make it easier for...

Filing With the NYC DOB

Filing with the NYC DOB is a complicated and involved process with many protocols to take into consideration.   Filing with the NYC DOB   Types of Filing with the NYC DOB Below is a list of the main filing types at the NYC Department Of Buildings. There are actually...