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Author Jorge Fontan AIA

This post was written by Jorge Fontan, a Registered Architect and owner of Fontan Architecture.

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Zero Lot Line, Attached, Detached Semi-Detached Buildings

Detached Semi-detached Attached Buildings

NYC Zoning lists 4 building types for identifying the relationship of the building to other buildings and to the property line. They are detached, semi-detached, zero lot line, and attached buildings.   NYC Zoning Building Types Detached Buildings Semi-Detached Buildings Zero Lot Line Buildings Attached Buildings   Detached, Zero...

Building Setbacks

NYC Zoning Setback

Architecturally a building setback is a building face that is recessed from the rest of the building. In zoning a setback is the distance a building or portion of a building must be recessed from a property line or other designated point of reference. Setback...

Narrow Street Wide Street NYC Street width

Wide Street / Narrow Street NYC Zoning

NYC Zoning uses the tern "Wide Street" and "Narrow Street" these are precise terms that affect what zoning regulations are applicable on your property. A Wide Street is a street that is greater than or equal to  75 feet wide. A Narrow Street is a...

New Home Insulation Diagram

Insulation In New Homes

New home insulation is not only about insulating but also about sealing your home. Homes need to keep the warm air in during winter and keep the cool air in during summer. This is done with insulation and air sealing.   New Home Insulation Insulation is not enough...

Backyard Office Design

Backyard Office Design

With more and more people telecommuting and working from home the home office is becoming more popular. One great way to have a separation between the home and office is to build a small backyard office building.   Backyard Office Design   Backyard Office Building Laws If you want to...

Unique Building Designs

Unique Building Designs

At our architecture firm we do a wide range of projects. Here are a few Unique Building Designs we have worked on. There range from real projects, to prototypes, and competition entries.   Unique Building Designs   Office Building Design The project below is a Office Building Design we did...

NYC Apartment Renovation Law

NYC Apartment Renovation Laws

NYC apartment renovations typically need to be filed as An Alteration Type 2 with the NYC Department Of Buildings by a Registered Architect.   NYC Apartment Renovation Laws List of some examples of projects that require permits for apartment renovations in NYC: Building or Removing Walls Adding Rooms...