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Garden Office Roof Deck
Backyard Office Design
Back Yard Office Roof Deck
Garden Office


Working from home can be stressful and problematic. Having an office and residence in the same space is distracting and promotes conflict while potentially decreasing productivity. Home office design is very important to people who work from home. A backyard office is a solution allowing the homeowner to work from home while keeping the work out of the house (and keeping the house out of the work).

Garden Office Design

This home office design is built as an accessory structure to be located in the backyard. The freestanding office is built on site separately from the house using the same construction that you would use for a house. A backyard office allows you to work from home yet have a separate work space from the house allowing privacy and a more accommodating work area, without distractions. The best part of having a backyard office is being in the yard if you have a backyard you should take advantage and enjoy it. A relationship with nature and outdoor space is the basis for this design. To achieve a relationship with the outdoors the design incorporates large sliding glass doors to allow views, natural sunlight, and fresh air to enter the office. A roof deck accessed from a rear stair adds a great recreational space or outdoor meeting area, this can double as a work space, hangout area, or accommodate a barbecue. This solution to working from home allows one to have stay at home and have all the advantages of a private office. A backyard office is perfect for a small business owner or telecommuter who works from home and needs privacy and a separate space for work.