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This is a Sustainable Concrete House in the flood zone in Far Rockaway, New York on Bayfield Ave. The original House was damaged by Super Storm Sandy. This house is currently under construction to replace the original house, with more sustainable and durable construction.


This concrete house is on the waterfront in Far Rockaway, Queens and in the Flood Zone. The house is elevated on reinforced concrete columns, in case of a  flood the water will pass under the house causing no damage. The house foundation is built on massive reinforced concrete footings with underground grade beams.


The footings, columns, exterior bearing walls, beams, floors and roof are all reinforced concrete. The structure off this house is engineered to exceed the NYC code requirements. The concrete structure will not only have higher performance in a hurricane but also be fire resistance.


The structure of this house is far superior to any typical wood framed house. We anticipate this house to survive a future storm, flood, or fire. Concrete is made with natural materials and is as sustainable as it gets. This house will last a long time and that is true sustainability.


The magnitude of Super Storm Sandy was most likely the result of climate change, we believe (at our firm) as architects it is our responsibility to put sustainability and environmental concerns at the forefront of our decision making process when designing homes. Here are a few sustainable features that are incorporated in the design of this house. Solar power, photo voltaic solar panels. Rain water collecting, rain water from roof drains and gutters will be stored in a tank and used for gardening. High efficiency heating and cooling, energy star appliances, and LED high efficacy lighting. The house will have continuous insulation (which is much more efficient than traditional batt cavity insulation) the insulation value will be double the required by NYC energy code standards, this will reduce energy consumption and cost. And most importantly this house is built to last.


This is one of several houses we are building where the original house was damaged by Super Storm Sandy. The home construction is being done with New York City’s Build It Back program, which provides funding to those who’s property was damaged by Sandy.

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