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R10 NYC Development

R10 Zoning NYC

R10 Zoning is a residential zoning district in NYC that allows for the highest buildable floor areas of all residential zoning. In R10 zoning you have an optional zoning bonus for providing 20% affordable units. There are several building typologies that can be developed in...

Permit For Building A Wall NYC

Building a wall in NYC requires a permit. This means you will need to hire an architect and file plans with the Department Of Buildings to get a permit before you can start construction.   Building a Wall NYC Building a wall in a building or house will...

Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Devices are for automating your house, from temperature to lighting to locks and everything in between you can now control from the touch of your smart phone.   SMART HOME DEVICES HOME AUTOMATION Home automation is currently at the forefront of technology. The largest makers of appliances...