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R1 Zoning NYC

R1 Zoning NYC, Single Family Zoning

R1 Zoning is a single family residential zoning district in New York City. You can only build single family residences in R1 zoning. Two family and multi family is not allowed. You can, as in all residential zoning districts, build community facilities as an option,...

NYC Residential Architects

Residential Architects NYC

New Homes, Townhouse Renovations, and Apartment Renovations in NYC require permits, quality design, love, and planning. You will need a competent team of experienced professionals including a construction contractor and a residential architect. Renovating an apartment, townhouse, or building a home is a big deal. In...

R8 Zoning NYC

R8 Zoning NYC

R8 Zoning in NYC is a "high density" residential zoning district. R8 Zoning is mostly in the Manhattan and the Bronx as well in parts of Brooklyn. There are also commercial districts that have an equivalent Residential Zone of R8. This article will focus on the...

R7 Zoning NYC

R7 Zoning NYC, R7-1 Zoning, & R7-2 Zoning

R7 is a medium density residential zoning district. R7 Zoning is found commonly in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. This article will focus on basic R7 Zoning districts including R7-1 Zoning & R7-2 Zoning. We will not be going into the contextual districts see...

Flood Proof House

Flood Proof House Design

  A flood proof house design must be elevated above the base flood elevation allowing water to pass through below the house to prevent hydrostatic pressure on the home. There cannot be any walls, electrical, or mechanical equipment within the flood elevation. The house should be...

hotel zoning

Hotel Zoning in NYC

Hotels fall under commercial zoning in New York. You can build hotels in commercial zoning and some manufacturing zoning districts. Hotels are not permitted in residential zoning unless it has a commercial overlay that allows for hotels. Below is a list of hotel zoning districts...