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Sistering Joist NYC Townhouse

NYC Townhouse Structure Sistering Joists

When renovating a townhouse in NYC you can find hidden or unknown structural problems that can require structural repairs such as sistering joists and the installation of new joists, headers, and trimmers.   Townhouse Renovation Structure In this post we will look at two townhouses we renovated each...

NYC Residential Zoning

NYC Residential Zoning Districts

Zoning Codes are laws that regulate the development of property in use, size. shape, and height. New York City has different Zoning Districts. There are three primary zoning categories: M for Manufacturing Districts, C for Commercial Districts, and R for NYC Residential Zoning Districts. This...

R6 Zoning NYC

R6 Zoning NYC Residential Development

R6 Zoning in NYC is a residential zoning district with small multifamily apartment buildings and single or two family homes. R6 is medium density non contextual zoning.  In R6 you have a choice of Height Factor Zoning or Quality Housing Program. It is the only...

renovating your co-op

Renovating Your Co-Op in NYC

A Condo or Co-Op Alteration Agreement is a contract between a Condo or Co-Op board and an apartment owner. The agreement outlines the building's regulations and the responsibilities of all parties involved when renovating your co-op or condo. You will sign your alteration agreement before...