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R6B Zoning NYC

R6B Zoning NYC

R6 is one of the most common residential zoning districts in New York City. It is in fact the only residential district found in all 5 boroughs. This article will focus on a case study in an R6B zoning district which is a subcategory of...

NYC Commercial Overlay

Commercial Overlay NYC Zoning

What is a commercial overlay? Commercial overlays are located in residential zoning districts. It means that you can have a commercial use in a residential area. These uses are usually retail, restaurants, bakeries, beauty salons, small offices, etc...

NYC DOB Filing Online

NYC Architects DOB Filing Online

Filing projects With The DOB Online As an architect in New York City I find Clients are always interested in the process of filing projects with the Department Of Buildings (DOB). This article only pertains to New York City. The NYC DOB has bifurcated into 2...

Residential Zoning NYC

NYC Zoning Residential Districs

Zoning are codes that regulate the development of property in use, size. shape, and height. All of New York City is broken into Zoning Districts. There are three primary zoning categories M for Manufacturing Districts, C for Commercial Districts, and R for Residential Districts. This article is...