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Yoga Studio Codes in NYC

In New York City, a Yoga Studio can be classified in different Zoning Use Groups that will determine where a Yoga Establishment can be located. The Use Groups would be 6C, 6E, or 9A. To qualify for Use Groups 6C or 9A there will be...

Hostels in NYC Not allowed

Hostel Laws NYC Codes

In most cases hostel are illegal in New York City pursuant to The Housing Maintenance Code Section 27-2077. The illegality of Hostels is further reinforced by the NYC Department Of Buildings: Building Bulletin 2013-005. Hostel Laws NYC Building Codes prohibit the development of commercial hostels...

What is my zoning district NYC

What Is My Zoning District in NYC?

New York City is broken into zoning districts. These zoning districts can be found on the NYC Zoning Maps or by using Zola, the NYC Zoning and Land Use website. What Is MY Zoning District in NYC? You can use Zola, the NYC Zoning and land use...