Brooklyn Apartment Renovation

Brooklyn Apartment Renovation
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Brooklyn Apartment Renovation

Combination And Apartment Renovation

In Brooklyn Heights


This Brooklyn apartment renovation was a combination of 2 apartments and renovation in Brooklyn Heights. The client had a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 baths. The adjacent neighbor had a 1 bedroom one bath. The neighbors apartment came on the market and they purchased it in order to combine the apartments. Combining Apartments has become a common practice because often it is easier then moving.

We removed one kitchen and turned that area into a hallway. The living room expanded doubling its size. The apartment now has 2 bedrooms a home office and large living dining area, 2 1/2 bathrooms, and an open kitchen.


Brooklyn Apartment Renovation Architectural Services Provided

For this Brooklyn Apartment Renovation Fontan Architecture provided full architectural services.

  • Architectural Design
    • Design Drawings
    • Onsite design sessions with the client
    • 3D BIM Modeling
    • Construction Plans
    • DOB Filing Drawings
  • Interior design
    • Finish and lighting plans
    • Kitchen design palns
    • Product and Material selection with client
  • NYC DOB Permit Filing
    • DOB expediting this project was approved 3 weeks after it was filed with the NYC DOB
    • Pulling Permits for Contractors
  • Combining Condo Apartments
    • filing with Separtment Of Finance
  • Exterior Deck Renovation
  • HVAC Design
    • Coordination of Mechanical Engineering
    • Upgrade of apartment heating and cooling heat pump systems.
    • New Nest thermostats
  • Lighting Design
    • New LED Lighting throught
    • Lighting Plans
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom design
  • Construction Administration
    • Regular site visits with the contractor.


Architectural Project Team

  • Jorge Fontan AIA – Architect
  • Young Do Yoo
  • Robet Bahnsen
  • Younggee Kim

Mechanical Engineer


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