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Alteration Agreement NYC Apartment Renovations

Alteration Agreements NYC Renovations

  What is an alteration agreement? An Alteration Agreement is a contract one must enter before renovating an apartment. This contract is between an individual apartment owner in a condo or shareholder in a Co-Op and their building board. The Alteration Agreement outlines the building rules, requirements,...

NYC Apartment Renovation Law

NYC Apartment Renovation Laws

NYC apartment renovations typically need to be filed as An Alteration Type 2 with the NYC Department Of Buildings by a Registered Architect.   NYC Apartment Renovation Laws List of some examples of projects that require permits for apartment renovations in NYC: Building or Removing Walls Adding Rooms...

Apartment Renovation tips NYC

10 Apartment Renovation Tips

This post will focus on some tips for apartment renovation design and the process of completing a renovation.   10 Apartment Renovation Tips   Knock Down Some Walls If You Need To Don't be scared to knock down a few walls. This can be a great way to open up...