New Townhouse Design

New Townhouse Designs NYC

Below are a few New Townhouse Designs we have done in New York City.   New Townhouse Design    Manhattan Townhouse Brooklyn Townhouse   New Manhattan Townhouse This townhouse was meant to be a modern green townhouse design to maintain a contextual scale and feel. This townhouse has a green roof....

Passive House Architect New York

Passive House Architects New York

A Passive House Architect can help you build a passive house by reducing energy usage and costs. Passive house has five key areas: high quality insulation, air tight construction, high quality windows, energy recovery, and solar heat management. Passive House Design is about the thermal...

New Contemporary House Design

New Contemporary House Designs

The following are modern and contemporary homes we designed. They are all very different but share that they are 21st century contemporary architectural designs.   Contemporary Lake House Design Modern & Contemporary Townhouse Design Concrete House  Modern 2 Family House Design Round House Design   Contemporary Lake House...