Flood Proof House Design

Flood Proof House Ideas

Katrina, Sandy, and Harvey have all brought flood proofing and hurricane proofing to the forefront of many architects minds. I personally have been involved with designing and rebuilding homes destroyed by Sandy. Flood Proof and hurricane proof house design is becoming more and more important...

Things to consider when building a house

Building A House, 7 things to consider first

Building a house is a large undertaking. As an architect, when people contact me for the first time they always ask "what do we do first?" This article will be 7 first steps or considerations when you are planning to design and build a house....

Concrete House design

Concrete House Design

Concrete is a durable and readily available material. In the past few years at Fontan Architecture we have built several concrete houses. In this article we will discuss why we have built concrete homes and a few advantages to owning a concrete house.   Concrete House    Durability has to...