Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Devices are for automating your house, from temperature to lighting to locks and everything in between you can now control from the touch of your smart phone.   SMART HOME DEVICES HOME AUTOMATION Home automation is currently at the forefront of technology. The largest makers of appliances...

Concrete Flood Proof House

Flood Proof House Ideas

Hurricanes and Super Storms like Katrina, Sandy, and Harvey have all brought flood proofing and hurricane proofing to the forefront of many architects minds. Our Architecture Firm has been involved with designing and rebuilding 9 homes destroyed by Sandy. Hurricane Proof and Flood Proof House...

Concrete House

Concrete House Design

A concrete house is a home that is built with concrete as its primary structural element, specifically with concrete bearing walls. The concrete walls can be exposed or faced with other materials. The foundation and floors can also be made of concrete and even the...