Multifamily Residential

R6A Zoning NYC

R6A Zoning NYC Residential

This post is going to be discussing the basics of R6A Zoning in New York City. R6A is a subdistrict of R6 Zoning, and is considered a contextual district.   R6A Zoning  R6A is a medium density residential zoning district. Similar to R6B Zoning, R6A is a contextual district....

Converting to multi family from 1 or 2 family

Converting To Multi Family NYC

Many people who own single family and two family homes are interested in converting them to multi family apartment buildings. Any building with three or more residential units is considered multi family. In this post we will explore some of the requirements for converting from...

SRO Conversion

SRO Conversion

New York City has many SROs. Property owners are constantly looking to convert their SROs to standard multifamily residential apartments. In this article we will be reviewing some of the basics of SROs and the process for conversion.   SRO Conversion  SRO = Single Room Occupancy  What is an...