New York City

SRO Conversion

SRO Conversion

New York City has many SROs. Property owners are constantly looking to convert their SROs to standard multifamily residential apartments. In this article we will be reviewing some of the basics of SROs and the process for conversion. Specifically converting a building with Class B...

NYC DOB Plan Exam

Same Day Plan Exam NYC

The NYC DOB has an option to file as a "Same Day Plan Exam". This is for small alterations that will be reviewed quickly. Just because it is called a same day plan exam does not mean it will be approved the same day. Clients are...

NYC Residential Zoning

NYC Residential Zoning Districts

Zoning Codes are laws that regulate the development of property in use, size. shape, and height. New York City has different Zoning Districts. There are three primary zoning categories: M for Manufacturing Districts, C for Commercial Districts, and R for NYC Residential Zoning Districts. This...