Homeowners Night

Help From NYC DOB

Renovating and building in New York can be difficult. From trying to find an architect to selecting a contractor. The process can be daunting. Fortunately, the Department of Building offers free assistance in the form of Homeowners’­ Night. Homeowner’s Night is every Tuesday night from...

NYC DOB Plan Exam

Same Day Plan Exam NYC

Clients are constantly telling me nightmare stories they have heard about how long it takes to get something approved by the NYC Department Of Buildings. In most cases I am going to take the DOB's side on this argument. Simple tiny jobs can get reviewed on...

NYC DOB Architect filing online

NYC Architects DOB Filing Online

Filing projects With The DOB Online As an architect in New York City I find Clients are always interested in the process of filing projects with the Department Of Buildings (DOB). The NYC DOB has bifurcated into 2 separate entities you have the original Borough Offices...