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Megastructure Building Design

Megastructure Building Design

A megastructure in architecture is a large scale building or a series of interconnected buildings.   Megastructure Architecture   Megastructure Building Design This megastructure building concept is inspired by the Tower on a Base or Podium Tower building typology. This is a common mixed use building typology where the lower...

Kinetic Architecture

Kinetic Architecture Building Design

Kinetic Architecture means buildings or building components that move. These can be large scale operable elements or smaller scale components.   Kinetic Architecture   Kinetic Architecture Building Design Below is a video animation of a Kinetic Architecture Concept I designed.   [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXnW_sIlNas[/embedyt]   Kinetic Architecture Concept This building design is a conceptual project inspired...

New Townhouse Design

New Townhouse Designs NYC

Below are a few of our New Townhouse Designs for New York City.   New Townhouse Design    Manhattan Townhouse Brooklyn Townhouse   New Manhattan Townhouse This townhouse was meant to be a modern green townhouse design to maintain a contextual scale and feel. This townhouse has a green roof. The...