Retail Architects NYC

Retail Architects NYC

You will need to hire an architect if you are looking to do a retail renovation in NYC or convert a space into retail. Either way you will need the help of an architect. Retail Architects in NYC can help you with permits, inspections, code...

Townhouse Wall Removal Joist Reinforcing

Removing a wall in a Townhouse NYC

When removing a wall in townhouse you need an architect or a structural engineer to determine if the wall is structural. Removing the wall will require permits from the NYC DOB.   Removing a Wall in a Townhouse Introduction to NYC Townhouse Structural Design Who Determines if...

NYC Roof Deck Design

Adding a Roof Deck NYC

When adding a roof deck to a building in NYC you must file for permits with the NYC DOB. Roof Decks must comply with egress, accessibility, building codes, and zoning codes.   NYC Roof Deck Design   NYC Roof Deck Regulations Structural Options Roof Deck Materials Roof Deck...