Sustainable Design

Passive House design

Passive House Design

Passive House Design incorporates principles of efficiency to reduce energy needs for heating and cooling. The main focus is on insulation, air tight construction, high quality windows, energy recovery, and solar heat management. Passive House can be applied  to single family homes and large buildings.   Passive...

Sustainable Building Design

21 Ideas For Sustainable Building Design

  Sustainable Building Design   Locate Near Transportation Promote Sustainable Transportation Physical and Mental Health Amenities Maximize Natural Light Appropriate Building Size Existing Buildings Rehabilitation Adaptive Reuse Renewable Energy Energy Recovery Energy Efficient Lighting Energy Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning Conserve Water Sustainable Materials Recycled Materials High...

Flood Proof House Design

Flood Proof House Ideas

Katrina, Sandy, and Harvey have all brought flood proofing and hurricane proofing to the forefront of many architects minds. I personally have been involved with designing and rebuilding homes destroyed by Sandy. Flood Proof and hurricane proof house design is becoming more and more important...