CCD1 NYC, Construction Code Determination

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2018)

In NYC a CCD1 is a Construction Code Determination. This is an application to get a written ruling from the Department Of Buildings on the interpretation of a specific Construction Code or Multiple Dwelling Law Code.


Construction Code Determination

If you have a concern about a specific Construction Code and need clarification you can file a CCD1. There are a few circumstances in which this can be done.

  • Predetermination
  • Request for Variation of Code
  • Appeal DOB Plan Exam Objection
  • Appeal of CCD1 Determination


CCD1 Predetermination

A predetermination is when you have a concern of a construction code before you have filed with the Department Of Buildings. You can ask the DOB to look into your one specific code issue and they will issue a predetermination. You can later use this CCD1 if you get an objection from a plan examiner (if it is approved) after you file.

DOB Filing Fees for Predetermination CCD1 = $1,000.00


Request For Variation of Construction Code CCD1

A request for variation of code may be a situation where you may not interpret the applicability of a code but a different code or interpretation.

DOB Filing Fees for Construction Code Variation CCD1 = $1,000.00


Appeal of DOB Plan Exam Objection  CCD1

After you file with DOB your plan examiner may issue you an objection. You must make an appointment to review the objection with the plan examiner as per CCD1 requirements:

“Appeal of an affirmation of an objection after a second plan examination review”

If you have had your second review and the plan examiner provides affirmation of the objection, but you still disagree, you can appeal with a CCD1. You must have the second review first.

DOB Filing Fees for Appeal of DOB Objection CCD1 = $1,000.00


Appeal Previously Denied CCD1

You can file a CCD1 in order to appeal a previously denied CCD1.

DOB Filing Fees for Appeal of previously denied CCD1 = $2,500.00


CCD1 Applications to DOB

There is only one issue per CCD1. You cannot file a CCD1 for multiple code issues. If you have more than one issue you must file and pay fees for each issue separately.



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  • ted greenleaf

    December 13, 2018 7:07 pm


    Good stuff. I have a situation where a 15′ wide roof surrounds a floor (floor below is larger in area ) and the parapet is nearly 7′-0″ high. Would this area outside on roof with such a tall parapet be counted against the FAR ? Can the outside area be enclosed and not add to FAR ?

    thank you

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