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This concrete house was built to replace a wood frame home that was destroyed in a fire during Super Storm Sandy. Hundreds of homes were destroyed this is one of several homes built in concrete that are designed to withstand a future storm like Sandy.


We are currently building several concrete houses in Breezy Point, Queens, New York. In Breezy Point hundreds of houses were destroyed by Super Storm Sandy and a fire that occurred during the storm. We have engaged in the challenge of rebuilding some of these houses with sustainability, durability, strength, and preparedness for future natural disasters. These houses are elevated on concrete columns above the flood plain, and built with poured in place concrete walls, floors, and roofs. To learn more about concrete houses check out our post on Concrete Homes.


We provide High R-Values, insulation values and types of insulation are intrinsic to the reduction of energy usage as well we ensure the houses are built tightly without air lose. By reducing the energy use we not only reduce the environmental impact but also the homeowner’s energy costs for heat and AC go down.


This concrete house is equipped with high efficiency heating and cooling equipment and each room can have its temperatures set independently. Energy Recovery Ventilators are also included to achieve high levels of efficiency. This allows for higher comfort levels for the homeowner and in conjunction with the high quality insulation the heating and cooling costs are greatly reduced.


This houses is built with reinforced concrete and has a very high strength, the house is built to last. It is hurricane proof, fire proof, and flood proof. The sheer durability of the house adds to sustainability in the long expected lifespan of the home. All windows and doors are impact resistant. This house will keep the owners lives and property safe in any future extreme weather condition.


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