High Rise Building Definition NYC

High Rise Building Definition NYC

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2018)

In New York City a building is a high rise if the it has an occupied floor that is 75 feet or more above the lowest street level for fire truck access. So when measuring from the lowest street level on any side of the building where the fire department can gain access the top floor will be 75 feet or more above that level.


High Rise Building Definition NYC

The High Rise Building definition is very important as it will affect building codes that are applied to a building.


NYC DOB High Rise Building Definition

“A building with an occupied floor located more than 75 feet (22 860 mm) above the lowest level of fire department vehicle access.”

Why Does the High Rise Classification Matter in NYC?

There are many additional code requirements for high rise buildings in NYC. Multiple aspects of the building will be affected dependent on the buildings height.

Below are just a few Building Systems that can be affected by High rise Status:

  • Construction Classification Restrictions
  • Elevated Fire Proofing Requirements
    • Spray fire Rated Materials Bond Strength
  • Additional Elevator Core Regulations
  • High requirements for means of egress.
  • Sprinklers may need multiple risers and secondary supply. 
  • Fire Pump requirements
  • Stand By Power & Emergency Power Requirements
  • Additional Exit Stairways


High Rise Building Design in NYC

It is important to know if your building may be a High Rise at you will be subject to additional requirements and review.


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