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Hotel Zoning in NYC

Hotels fall under commercial zoning in New York. You can build hotels in commercial zoning and some manufacturing zoning districts. Hotels are not permitted in residential zoning unless it has a commercial overlay that allows for hotels. Below is a list of hotel zoning districts in NYC and some basic information on zoning for hotels.


Hotel Zoning NYC

Where can you build a hotel in NYC? Hotels in NYC are allowed in certain zoning districts. Many commercial districts allow hotels. Residential districts do not necessarily allow for hotel zoning but if they have a commercial overlay, that could potentially allow for hotels in certain areas. Some manufacturing districts allow for hotels aswell.


Zoning Hotel Districts

NYC Commercial Overlay Districts for Zoning Hotels

Commercial overlays are zoning districts where you can build commercial within a residential district. Only residential districts with the follow commercial overlays allow for hotel use. To learn more about these districts you can check out a post we wrote on Commercial Overlays.

  • C1 commercial Overlay districts that allow for hotels
    • C1-5
  • C2 commercial Overlay districts that allow for hotels
    • C2-1 with Restrictions
    • C2-2 with Restrictions
    • C2-3 with Restrictions
    • C2-4 with Restrictions
    • C2-5

You can also build residential building in most commercial districts. We have another post about residential building in commercial zoning if you are interested. The option also exists to build a mixed use building.

NYC Commercial Districts for Hotel Zoning

  • C1
    • C1-6
    • C1-7
    • C1-8
    • C1-9
  • C2
    • C2-6
    • C2-7
    • C2-8
  • C4
    • C4-1
    • C4-2
    • C4-3
    • C4-4
    • C4-5
    • C4-6
    • C4-7
  • C5
    • C5-1
    • C5-2
    • C5-3
    • C5-4
    • C5-5
  • C6
    • C6-1
    • C6-2
    • C6-3
    • C6-4
    • C6-5
    • C6-6
    • C6-7
    • C6-8
    • C6-9
  • C8
    • C8-1
    • C8-2
    • C8-3
    • C8-4


NYC Manufacturing Districts for Zoning Hotels

  • M1
    • M1-1
    • M1-2
    • M1-3
    • M1-4
    • M1-5
    • M1-6
      • M1-6D with restrictions

Hotel Zoning In M1 Districts Proposed Restrictions For Certain Areas

The NYC City Planning Commission has proposed an amendment to the Zoning Code in regards to developing hotels in M1 zoning districts. The proposal, if passed, will require a Special Permit to be issued for developing a hotel in certain M1 areas. Not all M1 Zoning will be affected, but many areas will be. The proposal will effectively reduce the number of hotels that can be developed in the areas specified by City Planning. In the affected areas hotels will be approved on a case by case basis. As stated it will not affect all M1 areas. At this time these restrictions on hotel development in M1 districts are not applicable. This amendment has not been passed yet. We will keep you posted on the development.


Thank You for Reading Our Post on Hotel Zoning In NYC

If you have questions about hotel zoning please feel free to leave a comment below or Contact Fontan Architecture directly. I hope this was helpful and good luck with your project. Additionally if you would like to read more about zoning you can look at our zoning due diligence services or zoning analysis blog post.



  • bob

    November 17, 2017 3:13 pm

    Hello there,
    In a M1-4 zoning district, is commercial retail allowed?

  • Bob

    November 20, 2017 6:44 pm

    Max FAR would remain 2

  • Jason J

    December 5, 2017 8:36 pm

    Hi, how high can a C8-2 hotel zoning be and any parking requirements? In a lot 57×100, c8-2(2.00)/4.80, CF bonus. Thanks.

  • Yanni

    March 27, 2018 7:39 pm

    Hi Jorge – thank you for your responses. There is a ton of helpful information that I see posted. I had my own situation/question I was hoping to run by you.

    I am working on two lots that are in a R5D, R4-1 zone with a C2-4 overlay.

    Across the street, a property recently was developed into a hotel in a M1-1 zone.

    What is the likelihood that we could also develop a hotel as of right on our site, with our zoning, and what would the Max FAR be? Would we need to include some form of incl. housing? If we went all commercial, would we be limiting our Max FAR?

    Thanks for your help,

  • David

    March 31, 2018 12:53 am

    Hi is C1-4/R6 can do hotel?thanks

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