Industrial Loft Design Ideas NYC

Industrial Loft Design Ideas

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2020)

Lofts are industrial, commercial, manufacturing, and warehouse buildings that have been converted to residential use. With their origins in industrial and commercial, it is fitting that you consider some Industrial Loft Design Ideas when renovating your loft.


Industrial Loft Design

  1. Expose Structure
  2. Exposed Brick Wall 
  3. Concrete Finishes
  4. Black Iron and Glass
  5. Steel Details
  6. Weathered Materials
  7. Industrial Concrete Bathroom 
  8. Modern Plumbing Fixtures
  9. Custom Details
  10. Industrial Hardware
  11. Wall Mounted Toilet
  12. Linear Shower Drain


Industrial Loft Design Ideas


Expose Structure

Exposing the structure of a loft is a great design idea for an industrial look. As an architect renovating New York City lofts I always discuss this with my clients. Surprisingly, many do not like the idea of exposing the structure, but others do.

First, you will need to assess the existing conditions and determine what type of structure you have. The photo below is of one of two lofts that we are combining in Soho. This is a building in the Landmarked Cast Iron District. The building structure is brick bearing walls for the exterior walls with cast iron columns and heavy timber beams. We will leave these structural elements exposed to achieve an industrial loft look as well as showing respect to the historic nature of the building design.

Imperfections in the existing structure can actually be a real design element and add character to a loft. These were built as industrial buildings a hundred years ago. They will have weathered and have all sorts of idiosyncrasies. A heavy timber beam having small splits or discolored wood is actually a pretty cool look. If it looked too brand new, it might not fit as well.

We have another blog post on Loft apartment Characteristics.

Exposed Cast Iron Column in Loft NYC

Exposed Cast Iron Column in a Soho Loft NYC


Exposed Brick Loft Walls

You can’t talk about loft design without discussing exposed brick. So first thing, not everyone likes exposed brick. I sure do, but it is your apartment so you will have to decide for yourself. I have had clients that want me to expose the brick and some that want to cover it up.

If you are looking for an industrial loft feel you will definitely want to consider exposing the brick. Before you commit to this, you should see a small area to see what the brick looks like. I personally would not be turned off by a lot of imperfections, but this is old brick and it may not look how you think. It may be inconsistent in quality. This is ok, but it is not for everyone. I personally think it adds character to the loft.

Exposed Brick Wall Loft

Exposed Brick Wall Loft this is in a Soho Loft in NYC


Industrial Concrete Finishes for Lofts

One of the most industrial materials you will find is concrete. I am a big fan of concrete, having designed and built several concrete houses. If you have actual poured in place structural concrete in the loft, you can expose these areas. They can be refinished, polished, sealed, get epoxy coats…;there are many ways to handle existing concrete. You can always leave it alone as well. Sometimes people want to add concrete. This can be achieved through trowel-applied concrete finishes. We have another post on concrete wall finishes if you want to see more.

The photo below is of a loft apartment in a formerly commercial building converted to apartments. Concrete is the primary finish in this apartment with concrete appearing in every space.

We have another post on using Concrete for Home Design.

Industrial Loft Concrete Wall Finish

Industrial Loft Concrete Wall Finish in Downtown Manhattan


Black Iron and Glass Industrial Loft Doors

Another obviously industrial material is black iron or black metal. Exposed metal can provide a very modern industrial look for a loft. You will see black iron and glass as a common theme for modern apartments and NYC lofts. That is because it just goes very well with the overall feel of a loft. These types of doors and glass are custom made to order, so there is a lot of flexibility in design. The thinner the metal frame, the more modern the look. These types of doors are a high-end product with a high-end price tag. Especially thin metal frames. They are even more luxurious, so this will be on the higher end of cost.

The picture below is of custom black iron and glass doors with sidelights for a home office in a loft in Chelsea NYC.

Black Iron and Glass Loft Doors

Black Iron and Glass Industrial Loft Doors in a Chelsea NYC Loft


Steel Details / Handrail

Industrial Steel Handrail

Industrial Steel Handrail


Industrial Looking Weathered Materials

Lofts do not need to look perfect, especially if you are looking for industrial interior architecture design. Materials affect the entire feel of your apartment or loft. Weathered materials or materials that look weathered or imperfect are a good option for your loft. They have a more industrial gritty look.

The picture below is of a bathroom that we designed in a Chelsea Loft renovated in NYC. The bathroom has weathered-looking grey porcelain tiles.

Industrial concrete weathered Bathroom tiles

Industrial concrete weathered bathroom tiles in a Chelsea Loft NYC


Industrial Concrete Bathroom

I already mentioned concrete finishes, but lets look a little closer at a concrete bathroom.

We have another post on Concrete Bathroom Design, if you want to check it out.

Grey Concrete Bathroom

Modern Industrial Concrete Bathroom Design


Modern Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixture design and finish will greatly affect the aesthetic of your loft. If you are looking for an industrial look, you want to select more modern fixtures that will work with the overall design.

Modern Apartment Design Details

Modern Apartment Details


Custom Details

This is a custom black metal ceiling mounted towel bar. Custom details can be a way to really achieve the look you are going for.

Custom Industrial Bathroom Towel Bar

Custom Industrial Bathroom Towel Bar


Industrial Hardware

You can not overlook any details in an apartment design. Everything down to door hardware has to be carefully thought out.

Below is a picture of an industrial door pull made of brushed steel in a wood door.

Industrial Modern Door Hardware

Industrial Modern Door Hardware


Wall Mounted Toilet

Wall mounted toilets are more modern and a bit more commercial looking. If you want a modern look this is a good choice.

Wall Mounted Toilet

Toto Wall Mounted Toilet in a Chelsea Loft NYC


Linear Shower Drain

Linear shower drains are a pretty cool detail. They are definitely more modern and more industrial in how they look.

Linear Shower Drain in a Concrete Floor

Linear Shower Drain in a Concrete Bathroom Floor


Industrial Loft Design Ideas and Tips

As an architect, I study design and construction, but these are complicated and quite involved issues. In this article, we reviewed some tips and ideas for industrial loft designs but there are many others to consider. Every project is unique and must be assessed on its own unique characteristics. This post does not assume to cover every possible issue or condition, but to provide a general overview of the topic.


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