Kinetic Architecture

Kinetic Architecture Building Design

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2019)

Kinetic Architecture means buildings or building components that move. These can be large scale operable elements or smaller scale components.


Kinetic Architecture


Kinetic Architecture Building Design

Below is a video animation of a Kinetic Architecture Concept I designed.



Kinetic Architecture Concept

This building design is a conceptual project inspired by the writings of Franz Kafka. The building is meant to be a Kafka Cultural Center. A few quotes of note that inspired this building design:

“I am a memory come alive” Franz Kafka

I started with a thought of how a building could come alive. The idea was to make a building that would change dramatically, and could potentially be different every time someone visited.

“But the memory remained … I knew that instant that I would never forget it … Though outwardly not necessary, was inwardly however very necessarily connected with the whole thing” – Franz Kafka

The Kinetic building could be responsive to its use. On the outside the change could be seemingly unnecessary but in reality the change would be based on the internal use of the building. For example, an internal cafe would rise up from the roof and be open to the air on days with good weather. But it would retract to the inside when it was cold. A lecture hall would role out to accommodate a larger crowd but remain compressed for smaller events.


Kinetic Architecture BuildingĀ 

The building’s closed position is a metal cube. As it is in operation, different parts of the building will open to accommodate the use.

Kinetic Architecture Building Design

Kinetic Architecture Building Design


Kinetic Architecture Facade

This is a kinetic architecture dynamic building with large moving parts and small kinetic components as well. The building kinetic facade has metal panels that open and close for windows, doors, and balconies.

Kinetic Architecture Building Closed Position

Kinetic Architecture Facade in fully closed position


Kinetic Architecture Facade

Kinetic Architecture Facade in fully open position


Kinetic Architecture Building

This article is about a conceptual project for a Kinetic Building Design by Jorge Fontan.


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