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This lake house design is a weekend retreat for an urban couple.


This house was designed to be used as a weekend retreat for an urban couple. People living in cities often are deprived of nature and can enjoy time away from the city. A weekend retreat lake house can provide much needed quite, privacy, diversion from daily life, and a relationship with nature. Sometimes you just need to get away.


The house is designed to be built with traditional wood framing with closed cell spray insulation and exterior insulation under a fiber cement rain screen. This house is intended to be highly energy efficient incorporating high efficiency heating and a.c. building a sustainable home is at the core of our philosophy.


The house has large vertically oriented windows at its rear facing the lake to provide natural light and air as well as allowing the occupants to enjoy the view. The first floor living space ha large folding glass doors that literally open the living / dining room into the rear patio area.