M1-3 Zoning NYC

M1-3 Zoning NYC

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)

M1-3 Zoning is a Light Manufacturing Zoning district in NYC. In M1-3 there are multiple uses including manufacturing, commercial, and community facility.


M1-3 Zoning

The M1-3 Zoning District is a sub district of M1 Zoning in NYC. M1 is a Light Manufacturing Zoning District having manufacturing, commercial, and community facility uses. M1-3 Zoning is mapped in The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.


M1-3 Zoning Regulations

The New York City Zoning Resolution is complicated and quite in depth. In this article we will review some basic Zoning Codes with regards to manufacturing zoning district M1-3. This analysis does not assume to cover every possible issue, but provide a general overview of the zoning codes.


M1-3 Zoning Specifications

M1-3 Floor Area Ratio (FAR):

Floor Area Ratio determines the floor area that can be built on the property.

FAR =  5

M1-3 Community Facility Floor Area Ratio

FAR = 6.5

Yard Requirements for Commercial Use in M1-3

Side Yards

Side Yards are not required, but if side yards are provided it must be at minimum 8 feet wide.

Rear Yard

20 Foot rear yard required

M1-3 Height And Setback

Initial Setback Distance

20 feet on narrow street

15 on wide street

Building Height Within Initial Setback Distance = 85 feet or 6 stories whichever is less

Sky Exposure Plane Vertical to Horizontal

Narrow Street Sky Exposure Plane = 2.7 to 1

Wide Street Sky Exposure Plane = 5.6 to 1

M1-3 Alternate Height And Setback

Alternate height and setback regulations can apply if you provide open space for the entire length of the front lot line.

Depth Of Optional Front Yard

15 feet on narrow street

10 on wide street

Sky Exposure Plane Height Above Street Line = 85 feet

Sky Exposure Plane Vertical to Horizontal

Narrow Street Sky Exposure Plane = 3.7 to 1

Wide Street Sky Exposure Plane = 7.6 to 1


A tower can penetrate the sky exposure plane. Towers are buildings that cover less then a certain percentage of the property. The percentage is set in the zoning code according to the lot area. A tower will result in a tall building cover a small portion of the property.


Mixed Zoning Districts MX Zoning

MX Zoning districts are mixed zoning districts meant to promote a mixture of use between manufacturing, commercial, and residential use. In MX districts you have paired zoning. Each manufacturing zoning districts in a special MX district has a residential zoning district attached. Known as paired districts. In the case of a paired district you would follow any special regulations for the Special Purpose District and the residential requirements.


Hotel Zoning in M1-3 Zoning

You can develop hotels in M1-3 Zoning. There will be limitations in certain areas for Hotel Zoning in M1 zoning districts requiring special permit.


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