Megastructure Building Design

Megastructure Building Design

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2019)

A megastructure in architecture is a large scale building or a series of interconnected buildings.


Megastructure Architecture


Megastructure Building Design

This megastructure building concept is inspired by the Tower on a Base or Podium Tower building typology. This is a common mixed use building typology where the lower floors are a large base with commercial use, and then a residential tower rises from the base. Using this typology as a starting point, I made a building that would incorporate multiple bases and multiple towers. The structure has one large base with multiple towers. There are then multiple vertical bases connecting the towers. These vertical bases would be the commercial and communal areas of the building.

Below is a Youtube video animation of the building.


Megastructure Concept

This design was originally for an architecture competition to explore new prototypes for the Podium Tower or Tower on a Base prototype. This is not an actual building proposal, but perhaps one day it could be.

The building is meant to hold multiple uses including residential and commercial. Two different facade treatments are used to break down the large scale of the building. Green roofs are also implemented to create outdoor space and to address the massive scale.


Megastructure Building Concept

Megastructure Building Concept


Green Megastructure Building Design

All horizontal surfaces of this building create outdoor spaces meant to be green roofs and public areas. These are small vertical parks for the occupants, creating outdoor green space in an otherwise massive building.


Green MegaStructure Building

Green MegaStructure Building


Megastructure Building Design Concept

This article is about a conceptual project for a large scale Megastructure Building by Jorge Fontan.


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