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Modern Bathroom Fixtures And Accessory Ideas

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2019)

Modern Bathroom Fixtures And Accessories



Fixture are critical when designing the layout of your bathroom because they can sometimes dictate the layout if you have limited space. A normal bathroom consists of a sink, a toilet, and either a tub or a shower. In our office we have seen the following trends:


Sinks and Vanities

For sink there needs to be 30” x 48” clearance in front for ADA compliance. Sinks in a bathroom are more commonly referred to as lavatories or wash basins

  • Double Sink

Double sinks are very common in master suites. They are great for a shared bathroom as well. They are usually very wide so you will need to have a enough space for them as well as the side clearance if you put your toilet on the same wall.

  • Wall Mounted Sink

Wall mounted sinks give a very minimal look to a bathroom. They really highlight the hardware.

  • Floating Vanity

Floating vanities also give a very minimal look, while providing you with cabinet space underneath the sink.

Floating Vanity in an Apartment Renovation on the Upper West Side

  • Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Recessed medicine cabinets are great way to add storage space without adding the bulk and depth of a medicine cabinet that people sometimes don`t like.



  • Alcove Tub

Alcove tubs are the most common tub, they are the three wall enclosed tubs you see in most homes. They are most common due to the tub shower combo condition they create.

  • Free Standing Tub

Free standing tub are becoming more common lately. While they require a lot of space, they give you the freedom of accessibility.

Clawfoot Freestanding Tub

Clawfoot Freestanding Tub



  • Wall Mounted Toilets

Wall mounted toilets are usually more compact then a standard toilet. They are usually designed to hide the plumbing and mounting them shows the floor underneath giving a cleaner more minimal look to a bathroom

  • Smart Toilets

Smart Toilets are a new trend that are popping up in bathrooms. They can open and close automatically. They can warm the toilet seat, clean themselves, some can also act as bidet, play music, and can even connect to your smart home hub.



For people who rather a shower than a tub, you are more flexible in the size and design due to the fact that showers are built rather than installed from a manufacture, so you have more freedom in the design

  • Infinity Drains

Infinity drains are recessed into the floor so they can be covered with title and become almost invisible. They can make a shower look cleaner.

Infinity Drain

Infinity Drain in an Apartment Renovation on the Upper West Side

  • Rain Shower

Rain shower heads are common for a luxury shower experience. They are usually used in addition to a hand shower

  • Steam Shower

Steam showers are a great way to elevate your shower. By sealing your shower in glass and getting a concealable tank. You can turn any shower into a steam room

  • Shower Niche

A shower niche is a shallow recess that in designed in the wall so you can have a small nook to organize all the items you use in the shower


Hi- Tech

More and more entire houses and apartments are designed with the use of smart home devices in mind. Adding new and more technological advanced systems are very common.

  • Towel Warmers

Towel warmers are very popular in Europe and have been for a while. They are no become more popular in America and are very common in projects we are currently working on. They are mounted on the wall and can be put almost anywhere

Towel Warmer

Towel Warmer

  • Radiant Heating

Bathroom floors made of tile or stone can get very cold especially in the winter and if you don’t have heating in the bathroom itself. Radiant heat floors are becoming more and more common for bathrooms. They hook up to yours central heating system and guarantee you will never have cold feet after getting out of a shower

  • Digital Shower Interface

Digital shower interfaces are most commonly used to control the temperature of your shower. They act as a thermostat for your shower, but you can also connect them to lighting or music.

  • Wall Speakers

Wall speakers are very common in renovations. People put speakers throughout their apartment or house.


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