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National Grid Gas Moratorium

(Last Updated On: September 11, 2019)

It appears National Grid is imposing a moratorium on new gas service connections. This can impact new developments because it is unclear as to when this moratorium will end.


National Grid Gas Moratorium

Should We Add Gas in NYC?

So I am an architect in NYC and I had a meeting today at my office with a client and General Contractor about a new apartment building we are developing in Brooklyn. The concern of the National Grid Gas Moratorium came up. National Grid is not issuing new gas connections at this time. We are going to build a new multifamily building with gas water heaters, gas dryers, and gas cooking. So what do we do?

My first inclination was to tell the client that we proceed and hope for the best. By the time we are ready for the gas hopefully this would be all resolved. My client, a NYC real estate developer, is very risk adverse. His call was that we redesign the building systems to have a 100% no gas building. All equipment will be electric including electric water heaters, cooking, and drying machines.

I try to be optimistic but there is no clear timeline as to when this will be resolved. If my clients are risk adverse, the safe bet is to design an all electric building.


National Gird’s Gas Moratorium

This blog post is only meant to share our experience and not meant to be advice to anyone planning a building in an area covered by National Grid. Please do your own research as this issue may be resolved quickly or may take a very long time. I do not know.


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