New Contemporary House Design

New Contemporary House Designs

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2019)

The following are modern and contemporary homes we designed. They are all very different but share that they are 21st century contemporary architectural designs.


Contemporary House Designs


  • Contemporary Lake House Design
  • Modern & Contemporary Townhouse Design
  • Concrete House 
  • Modern 2 Family House Design
  • Round House Design


Contemporary Lake House Design

This lake house design focuses on simplicity and views. The house has a simple front but the rear which faces the lake has large windows, folding glass doors, and terraces to take advantage of the lake view. The house is stucco and fiber cement panels. The house is very rectilinear and blends with its environment using wood and natural elements. The simplicity of this house design is what makes it truly contemporary in it’s essence. When I designed this house the goal was to make a home for a modern family that would engage the site, the lake, and nature.

Contemporary Lake House Design

Contemporary Lake House Design


New Modern / Contemporary Townhouse Design Brooklyn, NY

The Townhouse below is a modern contemporary take on the New York Townhouse. We designed the house with a simple facade made with large grid of windows in a grid of fiber cement panels. The house is minimal and sharp. It fits in with the surrounding buildings and stands out just enough. The dark color is a through back to historic NY townhouses and brownstones. Having our office in NYC we are new and old NY townhouse architects.

The four story townhouse has large casement windows in a regular grid layout. This create a simple modern facade which is what the client was hoping for. Modern and simple is all he really wanted. You can read more about building a townhouse in NY.


Contemporary Modern Concrete House

This concrete house was built in the flood zone. As a flood zone house it is elevated on concrete columns. We proposed concrete as the house material in order to make it a durable, flood proof, and hurricane proof house. The client liked the idea of leaving the concrete raw and exposed to have a more brutalist industrial look.

Contemporary Modern Concrete House

Contemporary Modern Concrete House (NY Concrete House)


Modern 2 Family House Design

This modern and contemporary home we are currently designing is for a 2 family house in Queens, NY. The owners intend to keep it for their nuclear family and have the flexibility of a second family for guests and rental. But the house will actually be functioning mostly for 1 family. The house fronts on the street the clients wanted minimal openings to the street for privacy and peace of mind. On the rear of the house we open it up to the backyard with lots of glass, large windows a terrace, a balcony, and large doors. The house will be built with stucco and be a very simple but modern family house.Contemporary 2 Family House Design

Contemporary 2 Family House Design


Contemporary Round House Design

This circular house is a prototype design for a fiberglass house. The house is designed around a circular central core with wings of rooms off of it.

Contemporary Round House Design

Contemporary Round House Design


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