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Loft apartments are a unique type of living that comes from formerly industrial, commercial, or warehouse buildings being converted into multifamily residential use. Lofts often have high ceilings, exposed structure and large open spaces. When renovating lofts you can incorporate modern and industrial elements as you primary loft design idea.

I am an architect in NYC and I wanted to put together a few Loft Design Ideas from some of the Manhattan lofts we have renovated at my architecture firm, Fontan Architecture.


21 design ideas to consider when renovating your loft:

  1. Open Plan
  2. Use Existing Features
  3. Expose Brick
  4. Large Kitchen 
  5. Open Glass Mezzanine
  6. Open Kitchen 
  7. Minimalist Design
  8. Counter Seating
  9. Industrial Materials
  10. Custom Details
  11. Concrete
  12. Operable Partitions 
  13. Black Metal and Glass Doors
  14. Modern Floors
  15. Freestanding Tub in a Large Bathroom
  16. Texture
  17. Lighting
  18. Creative Moments
  19. Wall Niches
  20. Stand Out Fixtures
  21. Make It Your Home


Open Plan Loft Design

An open plan space is any space unobstructed by walls. Open plan living areas can incorporate the living room, dining room and kitchen in one open area. Lofts are usually quite large and have quite a bit of open space. If you are going to renovate a loft I would suggest keeping it as open as possible, especially if you have very high ceilings. Do not build unnecessary walls making small disproportionate rooms. The picture below is of an open plan living room in a 4,000 square foot Tribeca loft.

Open Plan Loft in NYC

Open Plan Loft in Tribeca


Expose Classic Loft Features

The number one design tip I can give when renovating your loft is to incorporate any existing unique characteristics into the design. All lofts are different but here is a list of some of the common features you will find in a NYC Loft.

Common Architectural Characteristics of Lofts

  • Exposed Brick Walls
  • Large Windows
  • Steel or Cast Iron Columns
  • Iron or Steel Beams
  • Heavy Timber Beams and Wood Joists
  • High Ceilings
  • Mezzanine Levels
  • Wide Open Spaces

Design comes down to personal taste, its your apartment after all. Some people will want to expose all the typical loft structural details and some people will not. The picture below is of a cast iron column with a slightly decorative capital and a (heavy timber) wood beam.  This is left exposed as a design feature in a Soho Loft we are are currently renovating.

Cast Iron Column in a SoHo Loft

Cast Iron Column and Wood Beam in a SoHo Loft


Exposed Brick Wall Loft Design

One decision every loft owner has to make is whether or not to expose the brick. Some people love exposed brick some people do not. This is probably the first decision you should consider when planing a loft renovation. It comes down to personal taste but either way it will shape the entire feel and design of the loft. Personally I like to see the exposed brick in a loft even if it is only for a small area. I think it is a good idea to have some exposed original features but I have had plenty of clients who prefer not to expose brick.

A few brick tips people will often paint the brick or apply sealers to the brick. Often if the brick is not in great shape painting it can cover up some flaws. You may be surprised by how many people want to add brick to their apartments to make their apartment look like a loft.

The picture below is of an exposed brick wall in a Soho Loft Maisonette. A maisonette is an apartment on the ground floor with a door directly to the outside. This is a loft that we are currently working on combining with the loft next to it to make one 6,500 square foot loft. The white wall to the right will be completely removed and create a 50 foot wide living room when both lofts are combined.

The clients in this apartment are still debating as to whether or not to leave the brick exposed. They are from California and said that only New Yorkers like exposed brick. I am a born and raised New Yorker (and an architect) I like exposed brick so maybe it’s true. But honestly I think it is just personal taste. As an architect I feel compelled to use original features in the loft design, but it is their apartment after all so we will see what happens. I will put an updated picture when the work is done to see what they decide.

Exposed Brick Loft in SoHo NYC

Exposed Brick Loft in SoHo NYC


Large Kitchen Loft Design

Lofts are usually large apartments by New York standards. A loft apartment should have the space for a large kitchen. You will also most like want to put an open or semi open kitchen in your loft. If you have the space I would suggest a large kitchen for your loft apartment. Some people want a kitchen that really stands out and others want a more simple kitchen that blends in. Whatever you choose make it awesome. The kitchen can be a real design feature and impact all other space around it.

Kitchen Loft Design NYC

Kitchen Loft Design in a Tibeca Loft NYC


Open & Glass Mezzanine

A mezzanine is an elevated level within a floor. Not all lofts have mezzanines but there are plenty that do. The mezzanine is usually a smaller and darker space compared to the rest of an open loft which can have large windows. Try to make the mezzanine as open as possible you can can glass or translucent panels to let light pass through but allow openness. Keep the mezzanine as lively as possible.

Tribeca Loft Mezzanine NYC

Tribeca Loft Mezzanine NYC


Loft Open Kitchen Design

Modern apartments and lofts generally have open kitchens. It is most likely your loft already has one. Open kitchens are more modern aesthetically and functionally. A counter with stool seating is a great place to have breakfast or drink a coffee with your tablet. The picture below is of a nice sized open kitchen in a 4,000 square foot Tribeca Loft.

Tribeca Loft Kitchen Design

Tribeca Loft with large open Kitchen (Project done with our client Bahar Kural Development)


Minimalist Design

Minimalist design is certainly a key aspect of modern architecture. Lofts are usually modern and you may want to keep it simple. For some people this is the best advice not everyone is a keep it simple kind of person.

The picture below is of a small modern and minimalist kitchen in a Financial District Loft we renovated. The kitchen appliances are panel ready which means they get a cabinet door to match the rest of the kitchen. Also the walls were painted to match the kitchen cabinets. This is a real simple modern design. Side note the kitchen was made in Italy make sure you have plenty of time when ordering European kitchens.

Modern small open kitchen design

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design in FiDi


Counter Seating

We already mentioned open kitchens but I want to look a bit more at counter seating. This really is a great flexible space that most people get great use out of. I am a huge fan of counter seating. In this picture below you see a kitchen peninsula with counter stools. The peninsula is marble with a waterfall, that is the side panel. This is a popular detail for modern kitchens.

White Kitchen Peninsula with Counter Seating

White Kitchen Peninsula with Counter Seating


Industrial Materials

New York City lofts have a rich history of being gritty and original lofts have a lot of texture. They have bricks, cast iron columns, hardwood floors, steel or wood beams. You may want to complement this by incorporating industrial materials and industrial aesthetics into your design. The picture below is of a steel handrail in a Tribeca Loft. This industrial raw steel really works in a loft and is a great throwback to the industrial history of loft design.

Industrial Loft Stairs & Steel Handrail

Industrial Loft Stairs & Steel Handrail


Custom Details

The picture below is of a custom industrial yet simple and minimalist coat rack in black tube steel. The walls are a concrete finish also giving a real industrial feel.

Industrial Loft Coat Rack Entryway

Industrial Loft Coat Rack Entryway


Concrete Loft Interiors

Concrete is one material that goes very well in a loft but is not for everyone. There are two ways to have an exposed concrete look. One is to actually expose any concrete in your apartment if there is any. The other way is to apply concrete finishes to the walls or floors. If you are interested in concrete interiors we have another post on Concrete Bathrooms.

Concrete Loft NYC

Concrete Loft Apartment in NYC


Operable Partitions & Sliding Doors

Lofts are often deep and only have windows on the ends. This makes the middle portion of a loft dark. You can brighten this up by making it all open, but this causes a problem for privacy. Using operable partitions or sliding doors and panels can allow a convertible space that can be private or open. You can also use translucent panels to allow light to pass through. The picture below is of a Mezzanine in a Tribeca Loft where we put translucent sliding panels to create a a transitional space that can be flexible, private or open.


Translucent Sliding Doors


Black Metal and Glass Doors

Black metal will just about always work in a loft design. Especially black metal and glass doors. The picture below is of a home office we added to a loft in Chelsea. It has custom black metal and glass doors to allow for a more open feel and for light to pass through. It also has a bright red accent wall to give a pop of color to an otherwise white loft.

Chelsea Loft Black Metal and Glass Doors

Chelsea Loft Black Metal and Glass Doors


Modern Floors

Flooring is a major decision and critical element of interior design for any project. In the picture below you can see a bleached wood floor where most of the color was removed from the wood to create a light desaturated look. Bleaching does not necessarily remove all the color. Whatever wood flooring you use should have a modern feel you may consider extremes like very light or very dark. Wide Plank is also a great option for a loft.

Modern Bleach Wood Floors

Modern Bleach Wood Floors


Large Bathroom Design with a Freestanding Tub

A freestanding tub is definitely a luxury loft design feature. Lofts are usually larger than the average New York City apartment therefor you have plenty of room for a large bathroom. If the bathroom is large enough a freestanding tub may be a great design idea. It has a luxurious look and can even act as a sculptural design element.

Tribeca Loft Bathroom Design Freestanding Tub

Tribeca Loft Bathroom Design Freestanding Tub



Below is a grey porcelain bathroom in a loft we designed in Chelsea. This tile has a subtle texture and weathered look. If you want to see more bathrooms we have another post on Bathroom Design Ideas. Texture is important in lofts and you should consider material look and feel.

Loft Bathroom Design

Grey Porcelain in a Chelsea Loft Bathroom


Set The Mood With Lighting

Lighting is critical to design. In this photo we have under cabinet LED strips as accent and task lighting in a modern loft kitchen.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting


Creative Moments – Sitting Nook

This picture is of a sitting nook in a loft. This is a quaint and cozy moment in the design, a nice little space like this or some other type of moment can really be a creative use of space.

White Loft Sitting Nook

White Loft Sitting Nook


Wall Niche

There is no better way to say it but you need a place to put stuff. Finding a creative way to make space is a great option and wall niches tend to have a real modern feel. In this all white loft our client put plants in the wall niches to bring life to an all white space.

Loft Wall Niche Design

Loft Wall Niche Design


Industrial Fixtures

Loft apartments have their origins in industrial and commercial buildings it will be fitting to have some industrial features added to the design. This picture below is of an industrial looking articulating kitchen faucet.

High End Kitchen Faucet

High End Kitchen Faucet


Make It Your Home

One thing I always tell my clients: Its your home you can do anything you want. You need to make your home personal. And for everyone that means something different. Design and decorate your loft to make you happy not to make other people happy or to fulfill some perceived standard.

In the picture below you will see a Loft in Chelsea where my clients had a giant Alvin Chipmunk statue in their apartment. Just for scale that’s me in the picture and I am 6 feet tall. I’m the blurry one in black not the giant chipmunk. So why am I showing you this, it’s because these people personalized their home with art, paintings, sculpture, and a very kitsch giant cartoon character because it made them happy.

Unique Loft Decor

Unique Loft Decor


New York Loft Design Ideas and Tips

Lofts are unique apartments that may be filled with historic character. All aspects of the design must be considered together to have a cohesive feel. Make sure to select a good team to work with you when you are designing and renovating your loft.

As an architect, I study design and construction, but these are complicated and quite involved issues. In this article, we reviewed some tips and ideas for loft design in NYC but there are many others to consider. Every project is unique, we assess all projects on their own unique characteristics. This post does not assume to cover every possible issue or condition, but provide a general overview of the topic.


Thank you for reading our blog post on New York City Loft Design.

I hope this was helpful. Please leave questions and comments below. If you would like to speak with an architect, you can contact us directly.


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Jorge Fontan
Jorge Fontan

This post was written by Jorge Fontan AIA a Registered Architect and owner of New York City architecture firm Fontan Architecture. Jorge Fontan has earned 3 degrees in the study of architecture including two degrees from the City University of New York and a Masters Degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University. Jorge has a background in construction and has been practicing architecture for 15 years where he has designed renovations and new developments of various building types.

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