NYC Townhouse Architects

NYC Townhouse Architects

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2019)

There are lots of townhouses in NYC. If you are looking to renovate a townhouse, build an addition, or develop a new townhouse on an empty lot there will be many issues to consider.


NYC Townhouse Architects


  • Townhouse Renovations
  • Townhouse Additions
  • Townhouse New Construction


Townhouse Renovations

New York Townhouse renovations are common and range in complexity. Here are a few things to consider for your townhouse renovation.

  • Structure / Supporting Walls
  • Landmarks
  • Renovation Surprises

Structure / Supporting Walls

The perimeter masonry walls of a New York Townhouse are usually built in 3 wythe of brick. 3 wythes of brick are walls that are 3 bricks wide. These are your bearing walls. I am always meeting people who assume there are no other structural walls in a townhouse and this is wrong. Usually the wall parallel to the stairs the runs from front to the back of the house is a supporting wall. Removing this wall usually requires structural work but its doable. These are not necessarily bearing walls but relieving walls or supporting walls.

Renovating a Landmark Townhouse

Can you renovate a landmark townhouse. Yes you can renovate your landmark townhouse. You will need to get landmarks approvals but this may not be such a big deal depending on your scope of work. Landmarks will mostly be interested in what you are doing on the exterior especially if it is visible from the street.

Townhouse renovation Surprises

Always be prepared for surprises when you renovate your townhouse. Below is a picture of an original 100 year old stained glass window with wood frame we found in a townhouse we were renovating. This was cover with plaster walls on the inside and covered with stucco on the outside. Unfortunately we also found fire damaged wood joists in the townhouse that required structural repair. So be prepared for good or bad surprises when you renovate.

New York Townhouse Architects Renovations

New York Townhouse Architects Landmark Townhouse Renovations


Townhouse Additions

If you own a New York Townhouse and are interested in building an addition here are a few things you need to take into consideration.

  • Zoning Development Rights (Air Rights)
  • Building Structure
  • Landmark Townhouse Additions

Townhouse Additions Development Rights (Air Rights)

Before you can build an addition to any building or townhouse in NYC you need to know your Development Rights. The development rights, often refereed to as air rights, are the extent to which you are allowed to develop a property. For example zoning will dictate the maximum floor area allowed to be built and the maximum building height, setbacks, etc… If you are in a contextual zoning district there will be even more restrictions.

The first step is to get a property survey and a zoning analysis / zoning report.. The Land Survey is done by a land surveyor and the Property Zoning Report is done by an architect like me. The zoning report will let you know if you can build and how much you can add.

Brooklyn Townhouse Architect

Below is a diagram of a townhouse in Brooklyn we are building a major addition on.

Brooklyn Townhouse Architect Townhouse Addition

Brooklyn Townhouse Architect Townhouse Addition

Townhouse Additions Building Structure

The existing conditions of your building structure will be a major impact on the feasibility of your addition and the final cost of construction. If you are building a vertical addition there are two basic ways to do it.

The first and less expensive way to do a vertical addition to a townhouse is to build new masonry walls on top of the old masonry walls. The requires the existing walls and foundations to be able to support the new walls. The second and more expensive manner is to add steel framing and make the vertical addition independent of the lower bearing walls. This is more expensive but is done when the existing structure cannot support the additional load of the building.

New York Townhouse Architect

Bellow are designs for a townhouse addition we worked on.

New York Townhouse Architect

New York Townhouse Architect townhouse additions

Landmark Townhouse Additions

Can you build an addition to a landmarked townhouse? Yes you can build additions to landmarked townhouses. These tend to be more complicated to get approved and you will have more restrictions on the design than you might like, but it is certainly possible to do so.


Building a New Townhouse in NYC

If you are looking to build a new townhouse in NYC you should start with understanding the zoning of your property to know what you can build.

NYC Townhouse Architects

NYC Townhouse Architects, new townhouse we are building in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Townhouse Architect.


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