NYC Zoning and Building Code

NYC Zoning And Building Code

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2019)

NYC Zoning and Building Code are two different things. The Zoning Resolution determines what can be built on a property. The Building Code tells you how it should be built.


NYC Zoning And Building Code


NYC Zoning Resolution

NYC Zoning Uses

In New York City the zoning codes are called the Zoning Resolution. The Zoning Resolution basically tells you what you can build. New York City is broken into many different Zoning Districts the Zoning Resolution determines what types of use are allowed in certain Districts. For example you cannot build a commercial building in a residential zoning district unless it has a commercial overlay.

New York City is broken into 3 basic zoning districts.

Zoning Bulk

Zoning Codes outline a buildings bulk as well. This is the shape and size of the building. This will be influenced by the zoning regulations.


NYC Building Codes

The NYC building codes essentially provides performance requirements for buildings. the Building code tells you how to build. For example the building code will outline, based on the type of building and its size, what fire rating requirements the building will need.


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