Permit For Building A Wall NYC

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

Building a wall in NYC requires a permit. This means you will need to hire an architect and file plans with the Department Of Buildings to get a permit before you can start construction.


Building a Wall NYC

Building a wall in a building or house will typically be filed as an Alt 2 or Alteration Type 2. If the new wall causes a change to the use, occupancy or egress you will need to file an Alt 1 and get a new Certificate Of Occupancy. Otherwise in most cases it will be a simple alt 2. You also need a permit in most cases for removing a wall in NYC.

Instances where you might build a wall without changing the building use:


Architectural Services For Building A wall

If you hire an architect to help you build a wall here are somethings that will be done.

We start off by taking measurements of the existing space and producing an existing conditions plan. We discuss the needs of the client and produce a proposed plan perhaps with a few options for the client. For something as simple as building a wall the design portion should be very limited. We then produce the technical drawings required by the DOB Department OF Buildings to file for a permit. There is a lot of paperwork to do for this. You will need an asbestos company in most cases to asses and file a report on the location of work. The plans are submitted to the DOB and a plan examiner reviews the job. This process may require the Architect to meet with the plan examiner. Eventually the job is approved and the contractor can pull his permit. During construction the architect is required to do a “Final Inspection” and submit a technical report to the DOB at completion of the job to sign off the work and close out the permit.


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