Brooklyn Townhouse House

Brooklyn, NY

New Construction of a Townhouse

The property owner of this townhouse had to demolish the original building because it was structurally unstable. He then hired us hoping to build a multi family building. Unfortunately due to Zoning Restrictions for small zoning lots in NYC he could not develop a multifamily building. Instead we proposed he build a new 2 family townhouse.

The townhouse is approximately 1,ooo square feet per floor and four stories. There are 2 units. The top two floors is one duplex and the bottom 2 floors plus cellar is another unit.


Townhouse details:

  • Location: Brooklyn, New York
  • Zoning R6
  • New Construction
  • 4,000 sq ft (not counting cellar)
  • Facade Material: Fiber Cement Board
  • CMU Block and Steel Joist

Project Team

  • Jorge Fontan AIA – Architect
  • Young Do Yoo
  • Robert Bahnsen


Thank You For checking Out This Townhouse.

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