Fiberglass House 

Modular Prefab Fiberglass House Design

This particular home design is three stories and 5,000 square feet but could be built to any size and different numbers of floors.

Fiberglass house design:

Fiberglass is not the most common material for home construction, but it’s plasticity as a material can allow architects to create geometric forms not topically seen in the building industry. Fiberglass is also a very durable material that can provide high insulation quality as well as long lasting and durable exterior and interior surfaces.


The First Story has public spaces including outdoor covered parking with exterior access to storage. The main entry has access to a mud room, laundry and equipment room. The main entry also opens to the living room, then dining room (with exterior access) and then kitchen area all of witch are connected and have no partition walls.

The Second Story is the children’s floor. There are 3 bedrooms with a homework are on 1 side and a game room on the other this is in order to make a solid distinction between work and play areas. There is also a recreation space with access to roof decks.

The Third Story is the master suite. There is off course a master bedroom with walk in closet but also a home office, a lounge area, and a small secondary room for either second home office or lounging. There is access to 2 roof decks.


The prefab house is built in a factory then shipped in pieces and assembled on site. It is also a modular house in that it is a set of components that can be used to make many different designs with the same parts.

Composite Home Layout

The house floor plan is a circular home layout with a central core holding utilities and bathrooms. All other spaces come off the central core extending outward with wedge shaped rooms.

Fiberglass Architecture