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(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Lets be honest, renovating or opening a new store or restaurant in New York City is a real pain. Even for a small retail or restaurant renovation, there is a lot of red tape and bureaucracy involved. As an architect, I have had to deal with this for years. There is some good news. NYC has been making new programs to help navigate the process. In this article we will be discussing the  New York City Business Acceleration (NYCBA) .The NYCBA is meant to help small business owners deal with opening, renovating, expanding their businesses.

NYC Restaurant renovations and Retail Renovations

Who Can Work With NYCBA?

To make opening or expanding your restaurant or retail easier.

Retail Stores

Eating And Drinking Establishments: Restaurants, bars, bakeries, ice cream shops ect…

Industrial Businesses

If you are not sure if your business qualifies, contact them and ask (link at the end of this article).

The office helps with your business on the following issues:

  • Opening new locations
  • Expansion of existing locations
  • Renovations
  • Disaster relief
  • Violations
  • Operations

Retail / Restaurant Project Management

When you choose to work with NYC Business Acceleration they will assign a project manager to your case. This person will be your primary contact throughout your project. They will help guide and advise you on what needs to be done. I think this may be the most valuable aspect of their service. For many small business owners just knowing what to do next is one of the biggest challenges.

Your project manager will help you coordinate through the  Department of Buildings, FDNY, Consumer Affairs, and many other agencies that you will need to deal with to complete your project.

Getting permits for your renovation.

If your project involves any construction, then you will probably need to hire an architect and get approvals from the Department of Buildings (DOB). The Business Acceleration office has their own plan examiners from the DOB in their office. Typically your architects will be able to get an appointment sooner than in the regular DOB office by working with them. The goal is to make this a little faster and easier than with the regular DOB office. FYI there is another department called the HUB where your architect can file online for new projects. Check out this article we wrote on  NYC Architects Filing online with the HUB

After the job is approved by the NYCBA plan examiners your contractor can get a permit by following the normal protocols. Throughout your job your project manager will help coordinate inspections with DOB, FDNY or any other agency as needed. They will also help coordinate applications with other agencies.

You do not have to work with this program if you don’t want to. As an NYC architect I recommend you at least look into their office and speak with one of their staff before beginning your project.

Contact NYCBA – NYC Business Acceleration


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