Apartment Renovation Riverdale NY

Apartment Renovation Riverdale
Apartment Renovation
Kitchen Renovation Riverdale
Bathroom Renovation Riverdale
Bathroom Renovation


Interior Apartment Renovation in the Briar Oaks Co-Op building in Riverdale, NY


This is an interior apartment renovation in a Co-Op building in Riverdale, New York. The apartment has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is approximately 1,400 square feet. The apartment had never been renovated and had all of the original finishes. Today people tend to like larger more open kitchens, but it used to be very common to make small enclosed kitchens, and that was the case here. It was very important to the clients to change, enlarge, and modernize the kitchen. The apartment renovation included removing some non bearing partition walls to open the kitchen and enlarge it into the living room space. We added a counter with a bar area ussing Caesarstone Countertops and installed custom cherry wood cabinets with a dark stain. The bathrooms were renovated as well with new fixtures and marble tiles. One of the bedrooms is used as a home office.


The perimeter of the kitchen has a soffit with LED lights. A red accent wall was added across from the new kitchen as well with LED lights. We typically use LED (light emitting diodes) as they are more energy efficient, last longer, and are better for the environment. These lights can be a bit more expensive but they will reduce energy costs and do not have to be changed as often.


People often want to enlarge their kitchens when renovating and this project was no exception. We were able to remove some non structural walls in the kitchen but there was a structural column, plumbing, and ventilation risers to contend with. Evan with these obstacles it is still possible to open and enlarge a kitchen once these are identified.