Architectural Services

Architectural Zoning Analysis Services

Zoning Analysis

A zoning analysis is the process of determining what you can build. Discover the potential for developing your property.

Apartment Renovation In Riverdale

Apartment Renovations

We work on apartment renovations of all sizes. Co-Op and Condo renovations, board approvals, architectural, and interior design.

Modern Lake House Design

New House Design

Designing your new house is an exciting and major undertaking. We are happy to work with you throughout this process.

Flood Zone Architectural Services

Flood Zone Design

Since Superstorm Sandy, we have been rethinking how to build in flood zones with long lasting durable and sustainable construction.

Flood Zone Design
Sustainable design

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is a guiding principle in everything we do. Building to achieve balance with the natural environment is our goal.

Sustainable Design
Sustainable Building Design

New Building Design

We work on new building designs of all types. Residential and commercial we are always ready to take on a new building project.

New Building Design
Commercial Building Design

Commercial Buildings

We work on new commercial buildings and commercial renovations, including building conversion projects.

Commercial Buildings
Restaurant Renovations NYC

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurant and barĀ interior & exterior renovations, including retail and other commercial spaces / buildings.

Restaurants & Bars
Townhouse Renovation NYC

Townhouse Renovations

Townhouse renovations, interior, exterior, landmarks, additions, gut renovations and occupancy conversions.

Townhouse Renovations
Letter Of No Objection Filing Services

Letter Of No Objection

NYC DOB Letter of No Objection applications, and property research for LNOs and LOV submissions.

Letter Of No Objection
NYC Apartment Combination Architectural Services

Combine Apartments

Combining Apartments in NYC. Co-Op and Condo combinations and apartment renovations. Full services.

Combining Apartments
Concrete House Design Services

Concrete House design

Concrete House Architectural Services. Concrete House Design Architects for all types of homes and concrete construction.

Concrete House Architects
Building Conversions

Building Conversion

Building Conversions, use conversions of all kinds. Residential, Commercial, Community Facility, any type of building or use.

Building Conversions
Residential Architectural Services NYC

Residential Architects

Residential Architects NYC. Working on a variety or residential projects in New York. Full service architects in NY.

Building Conversions
MultiFamily Architects NYC

Multifamily Architects

Multi family Architectural Services for multi family buildings and residential buildings of all types. New Construction and Conversions.

Multifamily Architects

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