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Building Conversion


Fontan Architecture is a full service architecture firm located in New York. Among the different projects we work on, we provide building conversion services. If you are interested in converting a building use we would be happy to hear from you and see if we can help.


Building Conversion Feasibility 


In order to proceed with a building conversion you must understand if the proposed use is acceptable within the current zoning. If the zoning allows the proposed use then you may be able to convert the building “As of Right”. If not you may need a zoning variance or to apply for rezoning.

Building Conversion

In order to perform a building conversion you must first understand if the zoning will allow for such conversion.

Examples Of  building conversions we have worked on for our clients.

Multi Family Building Conversion

Conversion of 2 family to multifamily.

SRO Conversion

SRO Building Conversion to Class A apartments.

LNO for Commercial Conversion

Letter Of No Objection for commercial conversion.

Building Conversion


In NYC Building and use conversions require a new Certificate of Occupancy and an Alteration Type 1 filing. In some cases you may be able to get a Letter Of No Objection for commercial to different commercial uses conversions.

If you are considering a building conversion we would be happy to hear from you. It is never too early to get an architect involved in your project.


Types Of Building Conversions


  • SRO Conversions or Single Room Occupancy Conversions to multifamily
  • Conversion to Multifamily from single or two family
  • Commercial to Residential Conversion
  • Residential to commercial conversion
  • Converting To Hotel
  • Converting Hotel to Residential
  • Converting existing commercial spaces to different commercial uses
    • This can sometimes be done with an LNO but it may require an Alt 1

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