Combining Apartments

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Combining Apartments


Fontan Architecture is a full service architecture firm located in New York. Among the different projects we work on we do apartment combinations in NYC. If you are interested in combining apartments we would be happy to hear from you and see if we can help.

NYC Co-Op & Condo Apartment Combinations


All apartment combinations must be filed with the NYC Department Of Buildings (DOB). Condo Apartment Combinations must also be filed with the Department Of Finance (DOF). We handle the entire process from design to filling and sign offs.

Combining Apartments In NYC

Most Apartment Combinations in NYC can be filed as an Alteration Type 2 and do not require a new Certificate Of Occupancy.

Example Plans Of Apartments we have combined for our clients.

Apartment Combination NYC

Apartment Combination in Brooklyn. 2 Condo Apartments Combined Into 1.

Combining Apartments NYC

Combining Apartments in Brooklyn. 2 Co-Op apartments joined into one apartment.

Apartment Combination NYC Co-Op

Apartment Combo in Manhattan. 2 Co-Op Apartments combined on the UES. 

Apartment Combination Laws


Most Apartment Combinations can be filed as an Alteration Type 2 and do not require a new Certificate Of Occupancy.

The Department of Buildings has issued a Technical Procedure and Policy Notes outlining the requirements for filling an apartment combination as an Alt 2. These requirements are found in TPPN 3/97.

Condo and Co-Op combinations are the same with the exception that Condominium apartment Combinations require filing with the Department Of Finance. DOF requires an Rp602CA to be filed. This is the Condominium Declaration Amendment.


NYC DOB Apartment Combination Filing

TPPN 3/97 Requirements:

  • Architect Must File Alteration Type 2 with NYC DOB
  • Apartment must be adjacent or connected vertically on only 2 floors
  • You cannot change the means of egress
  • New Rooms must comply with light an air regulations
  • You must end up with only one kitchen
  • For Condos You must File with DOF for new tax lot

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