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Concrete House Architects

Fontan Architecture is a full service architecture firm located in New York. Among the different projects we work on, we do single family homes including Concrete House Design. If you are going to build a new house and are interested in a Concrete House we would be happy to hear from you and see if we can help. Of Course we build houses with other materials besides concrete too. 

Concrete House Design

Concrete Homes are becoming more popular for a few reasons:

  • Concrete Homes are excellent for high risk areas like flood zones.
  • A concrete House will last longer than most homes and this makes them more sustainable.
  • Building with Concrete Construction will get the highest fire rated structure you can build.
  • New products are making it easier to insulate and build concrete homes.
  • Concrete Houses are also a cool modern design when you expose the concrete.
Concrete House Architects

Concrete Houses are some of the most Modern, Durable, Sustainable, Fireproof, and plain old cool houses you can build.  

Concrete House Architects Examples of our Services.

Concrete House Architect

This is a small modern concrete house in the flood zone. The client wanted an exposed concrete home that looked modern and industrial.

Concrete House Construction

This is a concrete house under construction. It has 6″ poured in place concrete walls and a concrete roof. Metal decking and a steel truss support the concrete roof. 

Contextual Concrete House design

The client wanted a concrete house that would fit in with the surrounding homes. We put wood slats in the form work to make the concrete take the shape of siding. 

Concrete House Architectural Services

There are not many concrete house architects. We have built a few concrete homes and certainly are excited to build more.

If you are looking to build a concrete house please feel free to contact us we would be happy to see if we can help.


Building a Concrete Home

The biggest challenge in building a concrete house is properly insulating the house. There are a few ways of doing this. the first thing you have to decide is if you want exposed concrete and if so where do you want it. Some methods of concrete construction will not allow for exposed concrete for example ICF. 

  • You can insulate a Concrete home in the inside leaving exposed concrete on the outside.
  • Concrete can be left exposed on the inside and insulating on the outside using EIFs.
  • A concrete sandwich wall can be used to expose concrete on the inside and outside. The has basically a double concrete wall with insulation in the middle. 
  • ICF has insulation on both the inside and the outside but no exposed concrete. This is good if you do not like the look of concrete and want a more traditional house.

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