Flood Zone Design

Houses and buildings in the flood zone have to be built differently than the typical american house. These home must be built with the full understanding that there will be another Sandy. And we need to be ready for it. Flood proofing, hurricane proofing, and fireproofing are all essential to building a long lasting home in the flood plain.

Flood Zone Architects

Since Super Storm Sandy our firm has been involved in rebuilding homes that were damaged and destroyed by Sandy. Building in the flood zone is not ideal but if you are going to do it you should do it right. This has to be taken seriously you are risking your life if you do not build a proper flood ready home. We are dedicated to designing homes and buildings in the flood zone that will survive the next natural disaster. Climate change is causing these super storms and flood will continue to be a problem. We cannot ignore this and build houses without rethinking the basic design. We design in the flood zone for flood, hurricane, and fire. Build something that lasts. Build durably you will be grateful you did.

We have worked on flood zone projects in Breezy Point and Far Rockaway in Queens New York. We are very knowledgeable in flood zone design, construction, and New York City protocols. We hope to continue to help people build and rebuild in and out of the flood plain.

Breezy Point Flood plain house design

We build to last especially in the flood zone. We make sustainable homes that will survive future extreme weather events. Keeping you, your family, and your property safe.

Flood proof construction

Houses in flood zones should be flood proofed as well as hurricane proof and fire proof. Houses need to have suitable structural value to survive a flood. The homes should be elevated to allow flood waters to pass underneath and avoid hydro static pressure. We highly recommend if your budget allows to avoid combustible materials in case of fire. In Breezy point a hundred houses were destroyed during Sandy by a fire that occurred as a result of the storm.

We also push sustainable design. We want to build homes with as little environmental impact as possible. Energy efficiency, sustainable materials, alternative energy are all great options for your new home. But the most important thing is building to last. It is not sustainable to have to build your home twice. Get it right the first time.

huricane strapping cross bracing
concrete house flood zone