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Flood Zone Design


Fontan Architecture is a full service architecture firm located in New York. Among the different projects we work on we do flood zone design for new houses and buildings. If you are interested in building in a flood zone or otherwise we would be happy to hear from you and see if we can help.

Flood Zone Design Architectural Service


Houses and buildings in the flood zone have to be built differently than the typical american house. These homes must be built with the full understanding that there will be another flood, and we need to be ready for it. Flood proofing, hurricane proofing, and fireproofing are all essential to building a long lasting home in the flood plain.

Flood Zone House Design


Example Flood Zone House Designs for our clients.

Flood Proof Concrete House

Poured in place Concrete House in NY in the flood zone. This flood zone house design has a more modern industrial look with exposed concrete. 

Flood Zone Home Design

Flood Zone House we rebuilt in Breezy Point NY after Super Storm Sandy. Steel Frame construction with fiber cement siding on an elevated concrete deck.

Flood Zone House

Small Concrete House, the concrete was made to look like siding to match the surrounding houses.

Flood Zone Design & Construction

Concrete Shell Flood Proof House

Concrete shell for a flood zone house.

Concrete Walls flood proofing

6″ Thick poured in place concrete walls. Fire proof, flood proof and hurricane proof. 

Elevated Flood Zone House

Elevated concrete deck. Homes in the flood zone must be elevated above the Base Flood Elevation.

Flood Proofing and storm proofing construction details.

Steel Framing Flood Zone House

Non combustible steel framing in the flood zone.

Steel Shear Wall Detail

Shear Wall and hurricane strapping detail to provide support against lateral forces.

Hurricane strapping detail

Wood frame construction hurricane strapping detail.

Flood Zone Architecture

Since Super Storm Sandy our firm has been involved in rebuilding homes that were damaged and destroyed by Sandy. Building in the flood zone is not ideal but if you are going to do it you should do it right. This has to be taken seriously you are risking your life if you do not build a proper flood ready home. We are dedicated to designing homes and buildings in the flood zone that will survive the next natural disaster. Climate change is causing these super storms and floods will continue to be a problem. We cannot ignore this and build houses without rethinking the basic design. We design in the flood zone for flood, hurricane, and fire proofing. A couple of the homes we built in the flood zone were actually fire rebuilds. The original homes were destroyed by fire and we rebuilt better than before. Learn more about rebuilding after fire damage.

Build something that lasts. Build durably you will be grateful you did.

Houses in flood zones should be flood proofed as well as hurricane proof and fire proof. Learn more about hurricane proof house design. Houses need to have suitable structural value to survive a flood. The homes should be elevated to allow flood waters to pass underneath and avoid hydro static pressure. We highly recommend if your budget allows to avoid combustible materials in case of fire. In Breezy point a hundred houses were destroyed during Sandy by a fire that occurred as a result of the storm.

We also push sustainable design. We want to build homes with as little environmental impact as possible. Energy efficiency, sustainable materials, alternative energy are all great options for your new home. But the most important thing is building to last. It is not sustainable to have to build your home twice. Get it right the first time.

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