New Home Architects

We not only help you design your new house we help you build a home.

Our goal is to give you a new home design that you and your family will love, enjoy, and be proud to own.

All of our projects are unique and custom designed for their owner.

We work closely with our clients and contractors to make sure the team produces the best homes possible.

Start your project by building the right team.

House Architects

We work on single family, two family, attached and detached houses. We offer personalized service to make sure your new house suits your needs.

Prefab Fiberglass House Design

We work closely with you to build a new home you are happy living in and proud to own.

Contact Fontan Architecture

We are happy to hear from you.


Modern House Architects

We are mostly interested in modern home design but we also find a great deal of intrigue in modern takes on traditional ideas. One can always build a contemporary version of existing typologies.

Build a New Home

If you are looking to build a new home our architects would be happy to hear from you and see if we can help.

Sustainable Home Design

We are dedicated to sustainability. We believe all new houses should be designed to be sustainable. Green building is becoming more and more essential. If you are interested in learning a little about sustainable homes look at one of our blog posts with 21 Ideas for a sustainable home design.

new home architects

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